Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Archfather Predicts Riots: An In-Depth Interview

By Jean DuBois

PATRIARCHAL SEE 3 June 2020 (ORCNS) - The ORCNS interviewed HIRH Don Rutherford I, 5th Florentine Archfather about the current riots and protests in the Unites States, as well as lingering effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Several months ago, the Archfather predicted the high likelihood of armed riots if the pandemic global lockdown and related economic problems such as business failures and unemployment continued. Here is that interview: 

ORCNS: Thank you for meeting with us, Your High-Eminence. Let's get to the main question. I understand several months ago that you predicted a high likelihood of armed riots in the context of the coronavirus pandemic measures. What led you to that conclusion?

Archfather Rutherford: Yes, that is correct. If the pandemic lockdown measures and subsequent economic turmoil, including threats to businesses, extremely high unemployment, and other uncertainties, continued for very long, I believed the conditions were ripe for a significant armed event. 

ORCNS: The riots are happening in the USA. Was your prediction limited to the US? 

AR: Not at all. I was speaking about the entire global situation. With the right conditions, it could happen anywhere. 

ORCNS: Did you believe it was a foregone conclusion that there would be an armed uprising?

AR: No, I did not. There were plenty of opportunities to reduce the likelihood -- many of which I'm afraid were missed. There were also peaceful protests against lockdown procedures and economic hardship in various countries around the world. 

ORCNS: So what do you think triggered the current riots in the US? 

AR: First, let me point out that there are two things going on. First, there are lawless, violent riots. Second, there are peaceful protests against injustice. The two are obviously not the same. Let me focus on the first one, that is, the lawless, violent riots. The US situation, with the coronavirus lockdown and economic shutdown, created a delicate and precarious situation. All that was needed was a trigger, and that happened to come in the form of the unfortunate, brutal, and unjustified killing of a black man at the hands of a white police officer who played judge, jury, and executioner. The racial component further opens long-standing wounds. So, while there have been legal, peaceful protests against excessive use of police force and institutional racism, the tragic situation of a man's brutal murder was exploited as a prompt for violent riots -- which, I might add, have been primarily directed against innocent people. 

ORCNS: But the lockdowns are ending and businesses are opening, right? Why didn't that prevent this outcome? 

AR: Yes, but the effects of those lockdowns are continuing, and even more effects are happening as things start to catch up with society. In short, it takes time to stop the downward momentum and then reverse the trend. Restarting the economy on a societal or personal level is not at all like flipping a magic switch that makes everything better again instantly. 

ORCNS: Do you think the US has a police violence problem? 

AR: Unfortunately yes -- and so do many countries around the world. The militarisation of US police after the September 11 attacks seems to have created a greater culture of violence and domination among police as a whole. The power balance is tilted almost entirely in the direction of the police, and so they must exhibit far more tolerance and be willing to take far more from the public before retaliating. When they do push back, responses must be proportional and not out of anger. That is the responsibility that comes with their power. Right now there is too much of an "us vs them" mentality between the general public and the police. That is extremely counterproductive. Police certainly have a right to self-defence and a responsibility to uphold the law, but it must be done soberly and proportionately. Good officers know that. 

ORCNS: What about institutional racism? 

AR: This is a problem not just in judicial matters. However, in police situations, studies suggest that there is bias against black people, and perhaps most telling is that the bias is shown not just by white officers, but also black officers. 

ORCNS: You mentioned good police officers just a minute ago. Do you believe there are good police officers in the USA?

AR: Of course there are. I hope most of them are. They need to rise up themselves and stand in solidarity against police brutality. They must work to remove those who are a disgrace to their uniform and those who get on power trips. When police get on arrogant power binges, people suffer, often with long-lasting or permanent consequences -- with little or no repercussion to the officer. 

ORCNS: You were trained in statistics at Harvard and Georgia Tech, and your work at Harvard also involved social justice. Has that background helped you gain any insight into these problems? 

AR: Yes it has. Black people in the US have a much higher arrest and conviction rate than white people, and that essentially tracks also with the poverty level in US society by ethnic group. It is a systemic and entrenched problem. Even if you eliminate institutional racism in police departments and the courts, the problem goes much deeper than that. And, of course, it does not only impact black people, but several other ethnic groups as well. Fixing the problem requires much more than simply training police in how to handle bias. And the problem goes well beyond police matters as well. 

ORCNS: And you were involved in statistical work in the coronavirus pandemic as well, correct? 

AR: Yes. Public health policy is driven by statistics. It is not so much the nature of the disease per se, but the likelihood of getting it and/or dying from it that really matters. Drawing on experience, my early calculations suggested infection and death rates much more like what other studies are now showing, unlike the "doom and gloom" predictions that were going on at the same time and led to a lot of the government responses we saw (and experienced) around the world. However, I was not at all the only person who came to similar conclusions from calculations. There were a good number of us saying the same thing. Unfortunately statistics were abused by the media, contributing greatly to societal panic around the world. 

ORCNS: So, what do you think is the ultimate solution to the riots, racial problems, and so on? 

AR: I wish I had a simple answer. First, society today does not respect life. Life is the most basic human right, and it is a necessary condition for all other rights since exercising those rights require one thing -- that you are alive. We cannot really begin to solve the problems of other rights until society learns to respect life. 

ORCNS: Do you have any parting advice? 

AR: Yes. I pray that all people take a moment to look inwardly and examine their own condition before judging others and before judging society. I pray that society will learn to respect life, for that is where healing and progress must begin. Define yourself by what you are for, not by what you are against. 

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Patriarchal Letter on Coronavirus Vaccine, Medical Ethics

PATRIARCHAL SEE 24 May 2020 (ORCNS) - The Florentine Archfather released a Patriarchal Letter entitled "Faith Must Guide" that dealt with the issues of potential forced vaccination by governments and/or employers in the context of vaccines for the novel coronavirus currently being developed. His I.R. High-Eminence stated that, although vaccines are generally the domain of medical and professionals and scientists, the Church can and must make determinations pertaining to medical ethics and public health ethics. The Archfather further stated that " is absolutely illicit for any state to mandate a vaccine for an adult person without free, individual consent, and for a child without the free consent of the parents." 

The Patriarchal Letter also addressed the presence of a wide variety of conspiracy theories that cause considerable confusion and sew the seeds of doubt since it is difficult to separate fact from fiction. However, based on reliable reports in mainstream media, the broad issue of forced micro-chipping was also covered.

The letter also reiterated the exploitation of the public health situation for increased state control and the suppression of individual religious freedoms and the rights of the Church.

The complete text of the Patriarchal Letter is given below:


Faith Must Guide

To the Christian Faithful around the World:

Faith must guide decisions of states regarding public health, as faith must guide all things. The state has reasonable right to impose some restrictions in the interest of public health, but only to a point, for it is not the final arbiter and ultimate authority on matters of health. Neither is the medical community the ultimate arbiter, but rather it is God who controls life. 

Recent discussions and movements pertaining to a potential Covid-19 vaccine, the possibility of the use of aborted fetal tissue in vaccine development, and the potential for governments and/or employers to require such a vaccine have raised this question once again, and it is Our sacred right and duty to address it with clarity, humility, and pastoral concern as a shepherd of the Lord. The efficacy of a vaccine is, within the bounds of ethical practices that are consistent with the authentic faith, the primary domain of medical professionals and scientists. However, the ethical framework of such efforts, as well as any state or organisational attempts at imposition of a vaccine all fall completely and entirely within the jurisdiction of Holy Mother the Church.

Let Us first state that We generally believe the concept of vaccines to be positive and overall beneficial. The question here relates specifically to who ethically should and can make the decision regarding whether or not to receive a particular vaccination. Furthermore, regarding the coronavirus vaccines being developed, there is a further concern of the rapid nature of development of said vaccines, which could result in a vaccine rendered problematic. There is also a marked lack of knowledge about the novel coronavirus itself, for much of what was thought to be absolutely true by some scientists several months ago and was used as justification for widespread severe and oppressive government measures against the public has now been revised dramatically. The lack of concrete knowledge is a serious question that must be addressed by the medical and scientific community before any vaccine is released for public use.

To address the issue of vaccine composition, the faithful, as well as governments, must resist the temptation to use aborted fetal tissue in vaccines and vaccine development. This point is not new and is quite clear and absolute.

Next is the movement afoot that promotes the idea that governments ought to mandate that all persons receive a coronavirus vaccine and/or that employers make receiving such vaccination a condition of employment. We are bound by Our duty to point out that such a totalitarian approach by a government requiring a medical procedure – any medical procedure – whether or not it is against the will of the individual, violates the very sanctity of the individual. The human body is a gift from God, placed in the care of the individual. It is for the individual to determine what medical procedures to receive, but only those, naturally, consistent with the laws of God. In the case of children, the law of God is quite clear that it is the parents who are responsible for the care of the body. The state may not mandate anything pertaining to the body except such things that are consistent with the law of God and for which the law of God provides that the state may mandate. It is absolutely illicit for any state to mandate a vaccine for an adult person without free, individual consent, and for a child without the free consent of the parents.

Similarly, it is illicit for any company or organisation to mandate that an employee receive a vaccine or undergo any other medical procedure as a condition of employment, for to do so places the individual’s right to work in the peril. We have spoken on this right of work and threats against it during this pandemic in Our encyclical Intentio Est. Furthermore, such requirements on the part of employers would violate the essential sanctity of medical and health privacy of the individual.

Additionally, We must state in the interest of clarity that We are aware of a plethora of conspiracy theories surrounding the coronavirus vaccine. Conspiracy theories often arise in cases of highly limited public information, with people filling in the gaps with often erroneous material. It is often difficult to separate the truthful content in conspiracy theories from the fanciful and even potentially dangerous content. The faithful are, therefore, cautioned against making decisions precipitously based on conspiracy theories. 

However, one topic of overlap between such theories and reports in mainstream media that bears comment is that of forced micro-chipping. Some companies apparently have considered making micro-chipping a condition of employment. Apparently some laws are being considered in some locations to prevent such a condition of employment. Conspiracy theories often suggest that microchips will be introduced by vaccines, including any potential new vaccine for the novel coronavirus. It is neither Our intention nor Our desire to engage in the debate of such conspiracy theories whatsoever. From a standpoint of Christian ethics, the sole issue is that of any potential for forced micro-chipping. We state that it is entirely and absolutely illicit for any state to mandate micro-chipping or the introduction of any substance, object, or device into the human body or for an employer to make a similar mandate as a condition of employment.

What is patently clear to Us is that the pandemic of the novel coronavirus around the world has resulted in a series of acts by governments and organisations to take outrageously dramatic amounts of control over their populations and employees, even to the point of restricting the freedom of religion and the rights of Holy Mother the Church. We have spoken of this not only in Our encyclical Intentio Est, but also in Our encyclicals Orbis Est and Siamo in Guerra, Our ban of 11 April of this year, and Our Patriarchal Letters Religion is Essential and The Collective Choice of Global Lockdown. There is a cultural war afoot around the world with the forces of the Holy Church of Christ on one side and those who stand against all that is sacred that the Church teaches and represents on the other. This pandemic has been exploited to restrict individual freedom, even of the most sacrosanct decisions. It has been exploited to promote the state over God and government over the Church. Indeed the very issue of public health has been exploited to attempt to bolster a cultural revolution already underway that seeks to change the very fabric of society and the nature of religion. We must, therefore, remain vigilant. Although we must reasonably protect our bodies, it is not ultimately the body that we serve, but Almighty God.

Ego Archipater R. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Second World War, Korea Veteran Receives Patriarchal Service Cross

WASHINGTON 12 May 2020 (ORCNS) - Colonel the Chevalier William Weber was awarded the Patriarchal Service Cross by the Archfather earlier today. The medal, part of the honours system of the Anglo-Italian Imperial Patriarchate, is awarded at the discretion of the Archfather for service to the Imperial Patriarchate or to the arts, sciences, or humanity. Colonel Weber is a veteran of the Second World War (US Army) and the Korean War and was present in the Oval Office when President Reagan established the committee for the American memorial for the Korean War. For more information about this exceptional soldier, please see the following two news articles.

Friday, May 8, 2020

Le Domande più Frequenti del Patriarcato Imperiale

Jean DuBois, A. DiNardo

SEDE PATRIARCALE 8 maggio 2020 (ORCNS) - Gli amministratori del sito web del Patriarcato Imperiale, Chiesa Cattolico Romana di Rito Anglicano hanno compilato un elenco delle domande più frequenti. Quelli sono stati collocati nella parte superiore della pagina FAQ. Abbiamo anche pensato di condividerli qui. 

D: Qual è lo status ufficiale del Patriarcato Imperiale?

Il Patriarcato Imperiale Anglo-Italiano (Chiesa Cattolica Romana di Rito Anglicano) è una sovranità ecclesiastica con un governo indipendente in status consultivo speciale preso il Consiglio Economico e Sociale delle Nazioni Unite (ECOSOC).

D: I gruppi "tradizionalisti" sono affiliati al Patriarcato Imperiale?


D: Ordina il clero fuori dalla Chiesa Cattolica Romana di Rito Anglicano?

Generalmente no. Le eccezioni sono rare e strettamente regolamentate dal Codice di Diritto Canonico.

D: Chi è il capo del Patriarcato Imperiale?

Il Patriarca Imperiale e Vescovo di San Stefano, che è più comunemente conosciuto come Arcipadre Fiorentino.

D: Qual è l'autorità dell'Arcipadre?

Con l'autorità di Roma, l'Arcipadre parla con la voce e l'autorità del Papa all'interno di e per quanto riguarda la giurisdizione del Patriarcato Imperiale.

D: Perché alcuni Vescovi del Patriarcato Imperiale indossano il rosso?

Il Governatore Generale e l'Arci-Cancelliere indossano abiti rossi, con zucchetti rossi, perché sono principe-vescovi titolari. È un'antica consuetudine che deriva dal Sacro Romano Impero che i Principe-Vescovi indossano il rosso.

D: Perché l'Arcipadre ha un'abito bianco?

L'Arcipadre usa un'abito bianco filetatto di rosso, con origini sull'abito del Real Ordine di San Stefano. Il zucchetto è anche in seta bianca per abbinare l'abito, proprio come l'usanza antica del zucchetto bianco utilizzato da membri di ordini religiosi con abito bianco. La maggior parte degli altri elementi dell'abito rimangono rossi.

D: Perché alcuni vescovi del Patriarcato Imperiale hanno titoli diversi?

Questo riflette l'antica e diversificata storia del Patriarcato Imperiale. L'Arcipadre è conosciuto come "Sua Alta-Eminenza," un trattamento unico al Patriarcato Imperiale che è in riferimento all'autorià spirituale e temporale storica del suo uffizio. (La versione più formale è "Sua Alta-Eminenza Imperiale e Reale," abbreviato S.A.I.R.). I due vescovi elettorali principali sono chiamati "Sua Altezza" o "Sua Eminenza." (La versione più formale è "Sua Altezza Reale Eminentissima," abbreviata S.A.R.E.). Altri vescovi sono chiamati "Sua Eccellenza." Per ulteriori informazioni sul protocollo per tutto il clero, fare riferimento alla pagina del protocollo.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions about the Imperial Patriarchate

Jean DuBois

PATRIARCHAL SEE 8 May 2020 (ORCNS) - The administrators of the website of the Imperial Patriarchate, Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions. Those have been placed at the top of the FAQ page. We also thought we would share them here.

Q: What is the official status of the Imperial Patriarchate?

The Anglo-Italian Imperial Patriarchate (Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church) is an ecclesiastical sovereignty with an independent government in special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

Q: Are "traditionalist" groups affiliated with the Imperial Patriarchate?


Q: Do you ordain clergy outside the Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church?

Generally no. Exceptions are rare and strictly regulated by canon law.

Q: Who is the head of the Imperial Patriarchate?

The Imperial Patriarch and Bishop of St. Stephen, who is most commonly known as the Archfather or Florentine Archfather.

Q: What is the authority of the Archfather?

By authority of Rome, the Archfather speaks with the full voice and authority of the Pope within and regarding the jurisdiction of the Imperial Patriarchate.

Q: Why do some Bishops in the Imperial Patriarchate wear red?

The Governor-General and Arch-Chancellor wear red habits, including red zucchetti (skull caps), because they hold titular Prince-Bishoprics. It is an ancient custom deriving from the Holy Roman Empire that Prince-Bishops wear red.

Q: Why does the Archfather have a white habit?

The Archfather uses a white habit trimmed with red, which is based on the habit of the Order of St. Stephen. The zucchetto (skull cap) is in plain white silk to match the habit, much like the custom of a white skull cap being used by members of religious orders with white habits. Most other elements of the habit remain red.

Q: Why do some of the bishops in the Imperial Patriarchate have different titles?

This reflects the ancient and diverse history of the Imperial Patriarchate. The Archfather is known as "His High-Eminence," a style unique to the Imperial Patriarchate that is in reference to the historic spiritual and temporal nature of his office. (The more formal version is "His Imperial and Royal High-Eminence," abbreviated H.I.R.H.). The two principle electoral bishops are each referred to as "His Highness" or "His Eminence." (The more formal version is "His Most Eminent Royal Highness," abbreviated H.M.E.R.H.). Other bishops are referred to as "His Excellency." For more on protocol for all clergy, please refer to the Protocol Page.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Storia e Tradizione: L'Abito dell'Arcipadre Fiorentino

L'Abito tipico
A. DiNardo

FIRENZE 7 Maggio 2020 (ORCNS) - La storia del Patriarcato Imperiale è molto diversa, molto ricca. Una gran parte di questa storia è mostrata simbolicamente nell'abito dell'Arcipadre Fiorentino. L'abito di Sua Alta-Eminenza è un'ossequio visuale al santo patrono del patriarcato, S. Stefano Diacono Protomartire. Gli Arcipadri Fiorentini sono i principi di Firenze chi anche sono patriarchi. Al momento, ce ne sono stati solo cinque. I primi quattro furono papi, a cominciare da Papa Leo X. L'attuale e quinto Arcipadre è il Patriarca Imperiale Anglo-Italiano e Vescovo di S. Stefano, successore di Leo X.

Il suo abito talare è di bianco, filettato di rosso, con fascia anche di rosso, e con fiocco d'oro. Il zucchetto è bianco, per accordarsi all'abito, ma è di seta semplice come gli ordini religiosi, non di seta moiré come il papa. Questo abito è basato sull'abito del Real Ordine di S. Stefano poichè l'Arcipadre è il sovrano e protettore spirituale di quell'ordine, l'ordine cavallaresco il più alto del Patriarcato. Nell'inverno, il zucchetto è con ermellino, una tradizione unica all'Acripadre.

La mozzetta patriarale è scarlatto con cappuccio. La mozzetta dell'inverno è di scarlatto con ermellino, proveniendo dei privilegi antichi del patrimonio del patriarcato. Dell'estate, è di scarlatto moiré, senza ermellino. La stola dell'uffizio patriarcale è di rosso o d'oro (ma l'oro non è usato in quaresima).

In occasioni solenni, l'Arcipadre usa anche un abito corale magno, con una cappa di rosso e d'oro, grande, ma senza lunga cauda, con cappuccio d'ermellino nell'inverno, di scarlatto nell'estate. Con questo abito è portato la corona patriarcale, il cappello pontificio, o la biretta di scarlatto moiré. La versione di stato è identica, ma senza il rocchetto e con una spada di corte.

Violence, Persecution Against Chinese Christians

Jean DuBois

BEIJING 7 May 2020 (ORCNS) -- Persecution against Chinese christians by the communist government took a turn for the worse recently, as Chinese government agents raided a Christian church and violently dragged its members outside in the middle of a service. This is one of the most egregious cases in the long history of anti-Christian persecution by the communist government in China.

Earlier today, H.I.R.H. Archfather Rutherford gave a brief statement on the matter while out hiking (video below). His High-Eminence stated that the coronavirus pandemic has been exploited by the communist government in China to increase anti-Christian persecution. The Archfather also said that it was long past time for the governments of the world to take action on this human rights crisis.