Sunday, January 10, 2021

Political Distress: Archfather Urges Peace after American Political Turmoil


His Holy Eminence the Archfather Rutherford I gave the following statement on political turmoil in the wake of the U.S. Presidential Election on the Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. In the statement, His Holy Eminence argued against violence and revolution, instead admonishing the clergy and faithful to focus on the Catholic faith and serve as a light in a world of darkness. 

CARISSIMI: For the last several months, the world has watched with concern and anticipation regarding the out come of the United States presidential election. That has now been settled, though conflict, consternation, concern, and division still remain. In the Epistle lesson from the mass today on the Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, St. Paul reminds us to “let the word of Christ dwell in you abundantly, in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another in psalms, hymns, and spiritual canticles, singing grace in your hearts to God. All whatsoever you do in word or in work, do all in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, giving thanks to God and the father by Jesus Christ our Lord.”

We must, therefore, advise and admonish the clergy and faithful that the Christian people serve God above all other things, and consequently we must put our focus on that eternal mission rather than on the fleeting politics of any particular country. There are several things in particular that We wish to specify:

1. Pray the Rosary for peace and the establishment of the Laws of Christ on earth. The rosary is, next to the Holy Mass, the most powerful weapon on earth.

2. Rather than being fearful, direct your focus and energy into putting the faith into action, serving God, learning and growing in the faith, and helping others.

3. Make your main identity that of being a Catholic, not any particular political party in any particular country, for all nations and politics of this earth are fleeting.

4. Avoid ad hominem attacks against others, instead remaining charitable and focusing on the various and specific issues. It is the desire of Christ that all be reconciled with Him, for we are all part of the Body of Christ. Let us not condemn, therefore, where Christ wishes reconciliation.

5. Let all politically-oriented discussion or criticism be purely and entirely made from the standpoint of absolutely nothing but the Doctrine of the Faith of Christ. As Catholics we are bound to do this.

6. Focus primarily on the main issues of the Catholic social doctrine, the chief of which is the right to life. Regardless of the party that is in power at any given time, a nation that permits or endorses the wholesale murder of unborn children and does not respect human dignity cannot claim to be for the people and is in desperate need of Christ. Be a witness to the light of Christ in such a land.

7. Do not support or participate in revolution or insurrection, but rather be an instrument of peace. History shows that revolutions and insurrections always fall short of their promises, rarely if ever leading to positive change. Indeed, although that great Doctor of the Church St. Thomas Aquinas clearly stated that Catholics have a right to self defence and also a right and duty to disobedience against unjust authority, i.e., authority not consistent with the laws of God, the saintly doctor also made it clear that the seizing of power through violent usurpation does not constitute legitimate government or authority.

Therefore, We again urge and admonish the clergy and faithful to work towards peace and place their focus on God alone, working to establish the Kingdom of God here on earth. It is only through the grace of God coupled with the labour of mankind that the world may be improved. Any other notion is inconsistent with the Catholic faith. Go, therefore, into the world and serve in the example of Christ with Our blessing, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Thursday, January 7, 2021


 REICHENBERG 7 January 2021 (ORCNS)

The second of two articles written in response to the events following the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election from an American-oriented perspective


H.G.D.H. Daniel Coberly, Prince v. Reichenberg
Prefect-General of the Anglican Patriarchate (See of St. Stephen)

Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of our country. 

Not by violent anarchy, but through high character and personal example. By support of all that is good in humanity. 

If we want a better country we must expect a better Congress and better citizens. We must change the way we look at things so the things we look at will change. And that includes ourselves and the self-anointed Ronins among us. 

Now is the time to reward and uphold the behaviors we want to see to support that endeavor; the basis of any admirable culture: personal integrity, honesty, unselfish service, moral courage...neighbors helping neighbors. Clearly, the tail is wagging the dog in that regard. 

Now is the time to turn that dog around by supporting the people 

people who make this country great--our teachers, our parents, our elderly, our farmers, our small business owners, our ministers, our first responders, our military, and yes, our police. That's right, now is the time to put on notice the movie stars, pop stars, and sports stars who too often become supernovas that do nothing to advance our culture. 

In a world where everyone can be a "reporter" now is the time to relook the rules of that game in ways that not only protect concepts of free speech, but in ways that also makes those who spread falsehoods about any person, place, or thing, fully accountable. 

In a country where we generously grant tax-exempt status to many corporations and nonprofits, now is the time to expect them to return that investment by tangible evidence of support to their communities and to our nation. 

In a world where many still do not have electricity or adequate food, we can afford to help other nations. But we cannot afford to neglect our own people to the extent our known budgets show. 

There should never be hunger or homeless in America. Period. 

Yes, NOW is the time for Congress to come to the aid of our Country--and for us to come to the aid of our Congress. Not in petty political ways, but by insisting that they agree to disagree and move on to comprise of the common ground. It is their job to get the job of governing done, after all. 

And when they do, we need to support the comprises they make if we are to get our country back on track. 

Yes, Now is the time to part the dark clouds that hang over us to find the silver lining. We can do it if we choose. Unless we do that soon, we have met the enemy and he is us; and he welcomes others like him to pillage and plunder what is left of America. 

The silver lining is indeed there for all who are willing to look to see it: the immediate chance to reboot our nation, by rebooting our politics and to confront our own personal bias. 

Now is the time for all of us, no matter what our race, creed, or color, to to agree upon the greater good and what "right looks like" now and for the future. 

Now, in this new year, at this moment, is the right time and right opportunity to declare and to agree that the politics of the past is the ghost of politics past, and nevermore. 

Now is the time to come to the aid of our country!

Editorial: Democracy or DemocraZy?

REICHENBERG 7 January 2021 (ORCNS)

The second of two articles written in response to the events following the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election from an American-oriented perspective


H.G.D.H. Daniel Coberly, Prince v. Reichenberg
Prefect-General of the Anglican Patriarchate (See of St. Stephen)

Events of 6 January 2020 have pundits pleading that Democracy is at risk, and indeed it is. Our unique form of a Republic is always at risk, every day. Because the greatest threats to any Republic are not just external; they are internal. Those who wish us ill require eternal vigilance by intelligent people, lest we succumb to the likes of criminal vigilantes thugs who exposed themselves today. They are thugs who merely open the door to America's enemies at a time when they think we are most vulnerable. 

Today's events were certainly not about honest dissent, for there will always be dissenters among us who learn to work in honest ways to affect honest change. 

Today's events were not about justice, for there will always be those whom are unjust among us; they are the ones who want to pull others down rather than to pull us up. 

Today's events, like many others in our recent history, were not about peaceful freedom of expression or a peaceful right to protest, because the peace was deliberately broken. 

Yes, Frustration leads to Confrontation, Confrontation leads to Escalation, and those factors continue to repeat that pattern reaching a crescendo until the basis of Frustration is relieved--whether that Frustration is real or perceived. 

But someone else's perception isn't my reality--even when they try to make it so. Fact is, Democracy is ugly. But DemocraZY is far uglier. Democracy isn't a free-for-all, nor is it a place that is free to all. Freedom has a price and it is time again to pay it. Not by acts of anarchists to assault an elected body. But by the actions of good and decent people to stand up and defend the right to peaceful protest, but to make it clear that violence and criminal trespass are not acceptable. And that they too, come with a price. 

I'm not as ashamed of my country or my congress as I am ashamed

that we "Americans" have still not learned the lessons of history. Lessons about petty despots, and those who would become one, and those who would support them. 

It's true that true Freedom isn't free. It's true that every generation must sacrifice and pay a price to earn their liberty. Like it or not, we all bear responsibility for how that liberty is achieved, for how it is maintained, and for how it might be reinvented. And we all share a responsibility for the conditions that bring it all about in the end. state. 

No, it's not enough to merely condemn criminals who would force their opinions on you, or to condemn weak politicians who prod them on to promote their own self-interests. 

Clearly, it's not enough to merely vote, or to believe the that our votes will not be counted. We must all become activists to some degree--but not anarchists in any degree. We must find the common ground so that we can establish the greater good. 

Congress is supposed to know that. Politicians are supposed to be statesmen and women capable of reaching compromise. Citizens must also reach compromise. That cannot happen until we all accept the notion that "our rights" stop where the "rights" of others begin. 

For if we cannot compromise, if we cannot capitalize on our similarities, if we continue to focus on our differences, we deserve the status of a Banana Republic chock-full of petty despots who will strip us of every right, of every freedom, and of any notion of Democracy. 

Tribes must put aside their differences to band together to form a nation. Together, we must evolve lest our tribes become extinct. 

Now is the time to reboot America and find the better path forward. 

It's time to end the two-party system. 

It's time to demand--to expect--personal accountability from EVERYONE at every level, not just from people we don't like, or who do not look like us, or think like us, or speak the same languages or believe as we do. 

Please do your part of rise above the fray, to be the voice of calm and reason and stability. Focus on a better future. For your sake, for the sake of your children. For the sake of our Country.

Sunday, January 3, 2021

First Speech of the Archfather for 2021

By Jean DuBois


His Holy Eminence the Archfather Rutherford I gave his first public speech of the new year 2021 on the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus today. In the allocution, His Holy Eminence focused on faith in Christ to move forward in the new year with purpose, abandoning the fear that has crippled the world for the past year. The video of the allocution is below. 

Patriarchal Allocution on the Feast of
the Holy Name of Jesus 2021

Saturday, January 2, 2021

New Year Message from the Grand Master

Noble Company 1 January 2020 (ORCNS) 

New Year Message from
the Grand Master
of the Noble Company
of St. Mary of Walsingham

2020 may never be confused as one of the best year’s for mankind; however, we can finally bid it a fond adieu. 

As challenges from COVID,  earthquakes, tsunamis, misfortune manmade or natural continued to occur; these events presented hardships and difficulties for humanity as a whole. However, 2020 has finally ended! 

Though the wake won't suddenly and magically improve at the stroke of midnight as we celebrate 2021. We now have the chance to allow the adversities faced in 2020 to fade into the twilight and cast our look forward in positivity and witness the glow from the Light to come this of New Year.

We, the Noble Company, will embrace the upcoming year, with the promise to leave behind negativity and vow to not let these challenges affect us in fulfillment of the Noble cause in the New Year. We move forward entirely based on a positive note. Leave all these difficulties behind, we face our future and continued good works to achieve a better community and a better world comprised of dreams turned reality and promises delivered. 

Let us dedicate ourselves this year of renewal, as servant leaders in the communities we serve. We can accomplish our Noble calling by our personal acts and work towards leading our future along the righteous path to live our life to the fullest.

Welcome to the New Year of Achievement. 

Welcome to all our Noble Companions. 

Ranulfus GM

Friday, December 25, 2020

Archpatral Christmas Message and Blessing Ex Florentia-Nova Roma


His Holy Eminence the Archfather Rutherford I gave his annual Christmas message and the Apostolic Blessing known as the Blessing Ex Florentia-Nova Roma. The message precedes the blessing, and the Apostolic Blessing itself imparts a plenary indulgence if received in accordance with the norms. The message, given in Italian with English subtitles, is in the video below. 

Blessing Ex Florentia-Nova Roma -- Christmas 2020

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Archfather Releases Statement on Vaccine Ethics, Correcting Vatican Position

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 23 December 2020

The following Patriarchal Letter of His Holy Eminence the Archfather Rutherford I was released today by the Patriarchal Household. The original Italian and English translation text are provided. 

Lettera Patriarcale "Siamo costretti dal dovere"

mercoledì 23 dicembre 2020

Ai fedeli cristiani:

Siamo costretti dal dovere, e alla luce dei recenti commenti del nostro confratello Romano, a chiarire la posizione dottrinale cristiana riguardo all'attuale serie di vaccini contro il coronavirus. La domanda principale su cui scriviamo è il quesito se i vaccini prodotti con cellule staminali da feti abortiti possano essere utilizzate nel caso in cui non siano disponibili altri vaccini. Quindi Noi dobbiamo correggere la dichiarazione Vaticana recente. 

Questi vaccini sono stati giustamente oggetto di molti dibattiti morali, considerati la crisi umanitaria che circonda la risposta dei governi civili alla pandemia, la rapidità con cui i vaccini sono stati portati al pubblico, ed il grado in cui il governo civile e le organizzazioni private ne hanno fortemente promosso l'uso. È ragionevole che le ditte farmaceutiche e la comunità medica cerchino di applicare la conoscenza della creazione di Dio all'alleviamento della sofferenza. Tuttavia, lo sviluppo dei prodotti farmaceutici deve essere entro i limiti della dottrina morale. La cura di una malattia non potrebbe comportare un atto intrinsecamente malvagio. L'atto intrinsecamente malvagio qui studiato è il grado in cui lo sviluppo del vaccino comporta l'uso di cellule staminali da feti abortiti. Un certo numero di vaccini, anche se apparentemente hanno usato tali cellule nelle prime fasi d’esperimenti animali, ma utilizzati secondo le loro dichiarazioni e per quanto la Nostra conoscenza nessuna cellula staminale da feti abortiti nella produzione effettiva del vaccino. Anche se non possiamo essere d’accordo col'uso di tali cellule staminali anche nelle fasi di prova, il collegamento alle fasi di prova precedenti è così remoto e l'effettiva produzione del vaccino, cioè lo sviluppo di quella sostanza che viene iniettata nel corpo, non ha utilizzato cellule staminali da feti abortiti, e quindi i Cristifedeli possono utilizzare legittimamente e moralmente tali vaccini se scelgono di farlo. 

Venendo ancora alla questione se i vaccini prodotti con cellule staminali da feti abortiti possano essere utilizzati nel caso in cui non siano disponibili altri vaccini, siamo legato dal Nostro dovere pastorale ad affermare con autorità che tali vaccini non possono essere utilizzati, perché farlo è la cooperazione diretta non solo con il male intrinseco, ma con una delle più grandi piaghe della civiltà moderna. Qualsiasi pastore religioso che insegni o proclami il contrario parla falsamente e contro la Dottrina della Santa Fede Cattolica. I fedeli devono resistere tanto quanto sono in grado di prendere tali vaccini. Allo stesso modo, i governi civili del mondo devono proibire ed assicurare, anche attraverso le frontere nazionali, che i vaccini contro il coronavirus che non hanno utilizzato cellule staminali da feti abortiti nella loro produzione siano messi a disposizione di tutti coloro che desiderano prendere il vaccino.

Tuttavia, dobbiamo ribadire ancora una volta ciò che abbiamo detto nella Nostra enciclica “Fede Deve Guidare” del maggio di quest'anno:

"Diciamo innanzitutto che generalmente crediamo che il concetto di vaccini sia positivo e complessivamente vantaggioso. L'interrogazione riguarda specificamente chi dovrebbe e può decidere se ricevere o meno una vaccinazione particolare. Inoltre, per quanto riguarda i vaccini contro il coronavirus in fase di sviluppo, vi è un'ulteriore preoccupazione per la rapida natura dello sviluppo di tali vaccini, che potrebbe comportare un vaccino reso problematico. C'è anche una marcata mancanza di conoscenza del nuovo coronavirus stesso, poiché la gran parte di ciò che si pensava fosse assolutamente vero da alcuni scienziati diversi mesi fa ed è stato usato come giustificazione per diverse misure governative severe e oppressive contro il pubblico è stato ora rivisto drasticamente. La mancanza di conoscenze concrete è una questione seria che deve essere affrontata dalla comunità medica e scientifica prima che qualsiasi vaccino venga rilasciato per uso pubblico.”

Auguriamo ai Cristifedeli del mondo un benedetto stagione del Santo Natale nella speranza in Christ che tempi più tranquilli nel prossimo futuro vengano.

Ego Arichpater R.


Patriarchal Letter “Siamo costretti dal dovere”

23 December 2020

To the Christian Faithful:

We are compelled by duty, and in light of recent commentary by our fellow Roman brother, to clarify the Christian doctrinal position regarding the current series of coronavirus vaccines. The key question on which We write is the issue of whether vaccines that were produced with aborted fetal stem cells may be used in the case that no other vaccines are available. Therefore We must correct the recent Vatican statement. 

These vaccines have rightly been the subject of much moral debate, given both the humanitarian crisis surrounding the government response to the pandemic, the speed with which the vaccines have been brought to the public, and the degree to which civil government and private organisations have strongly promoted their use. It is reasonable that pharmaceutical companies and the medical community would seek to apply knowledge of God’s creation to the alleviation of suffering. Yet, the development of pharmaceuticals must be within the bounds of moral doctrine. The cure to a disease may not involve an intrinsically evil act. The intrinsically evil act here being investigated is the degree to which vaccine development involves the use of stem cells from aborted fetuses. A number of the vaccines, although they apparently used such cells in early animal test phases, used according to their own statements and to Our best knowledge no stem cells from aborted fetuses in the actual production of the vaccine. Although We cannot condone the use of such stem cells even in test phases, the connection to the earlier test phases is so remote and the actual production of the vaccine, i.e., the development of that substance which is being injected into the body, did not use aborted fetal stem cells, and thus the faithful may legitimately and morally use such vaccines if they choose to do so. 

Now coming to the issue of whether vaccines that were produced with aborted fetal stem cells may be used in the case that no other vaccines are available, We are bound by Our pastoral duty to state with authority that such vaccines may not be used, for to do so is direct cooperation with not only intrinsic evil, but one of the greatest plagues upon modern civilisation. Any religious leader who teaches or proclaims otherwise is speaking falsely and against the Doctrine of the Holy Catholic Faith. The faithful must resist as much as they are able taking any such vaccines. Similarly, the governments of the world must band such vaccines and insure, even across national borders, that coronavirus vaccines that did not use aborted fetal stem cells in their production be made available to all those who wish to take the vaccine.

However, We must again reiterate what We said in Our encyclical Faith Must Guide of May of this year:

“Let Us first state that We generally believe the concept of vaccines to be positive and overall beneficial. The question here relates specifically to who ethically should and can make the decision regarding whether or not to receive a particular vaccination. Furthermore, regarding the coronavirus vaccines being developed, there is a further concern of the rapid nature of development of said vaccines, which could result in a vaccine rendered problematic. There is also a marked lack of knowledge about the novel coronavirus itself, for much of what was thought to be absolutely true by some scientists several months ago and was used as justification for widespread severe and oppressive government measures against the public has now been revised dramatically. The lack of concrete knowledge is a serious question that must be addressed by the medical and scientific community before any vaccine is released for public use.”

We wish the Christian faithful of the world a blessed Christmas season in the hope in Christ for more peaceful times to come in the near future.

Ego Arichpater R.