Friday, February 4, 2011

New York Times compares Muslim extremists to Roman Catholics

NEW YORK 4 Feb. 2011 (ACNS) - In a recent New York Times article, the Muslim Brotherhood was compared to the Roman Catholic Church. It was stated that the best way to understand this Islamic extremist group was to imagine a simile with Catholics. Just as the Roman Catholic Church contains leftist reformers and conservatives who are anti-abortion, they said, so the Muslim Brotherhood contains both "reformers and firebrand ideologues." Few things are likely so offensive to Catholics as this comparison. "It is astonishing that any intelligent person would compare Islamic extremists to conservative Catholics who are trying to preserve life," Archbishop Johnson, Primate of the Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church said today about the New York Times article.

Conservative Catholics are those trying to preserve the traditions of their faith, traditional morality, and traditional worship. They work against things contrary to the sanctity of life such as abortion. Such Catholics can hardly be compared to "firebrand ideologues" of the Muslim Brotherhood whose apparent goal is perpetuation of terrorism and the conversion or destruction of anything that is not Muslim. The simile made by the New York Times is not only offensive to Catholics, it is a completely invalid comparison. The conservatives of the Catholic Faith seek to uphold life and freedom, while the firebrand ideologues of Islam seek just the opposite.