Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New cause against intrinsic evil

(ACNS) - The Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church has founded a new cause on Facebook's cause section, A Vote for Obama is a Vote for Intrinsic Evil. From the cause's information page, "We're here to remind you that many of the key positions of Barrack Obama and his administration are inherently incompatible with the Christian Faith. His positions on abortion, health care, and war, and his pro-Islamic and anti-Christian positions and actions represent one of the most heinous examples of intrinsic and pure evil in the modern era. Those of the Christian faithful who vote for or support, either actively or passively, this President are giving material support to evil and therefore remove themselves from communion with the Church. Those persons are admonished to withhold themselves from reception of the Sacraments until they obtain sacramental absolution, lest they eat and drink their own damnation. Certain liberal and modernist factions within the Church have attempted to silence at least one priest who had the visceral fortitude to speak the truth about right and wrong. We, however, will not be silent. It is the Church’s holy right and duty to speak on matters of ethics and morality, even where they concern a government. The condition of all men, from conception to death is the concern of the Church. The duty to fight evil wherever it is encountered remains. The need to speak for the unborn, for the weak, and for the downtrodden is as important as ever. The threat to the last great bastion of religious freedom in the world is real. The threat to Christians is real."