Wednesday, September 21, 2011

ARCHIVE: Convocation resounding success

SAN ANTONIO 21 September 2011 (ACNS) - The Court of Saint Mary of Walsingham's 2011 Convocation, held at the Hotel Contessa on the Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas, was seen as a definite success. The chief task of the Convocation was to promulgate policy and plans for unity initiatives that have been underway for some time.

The Court of Saint Mary of Walsingham is the Patriarchal household of the Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church. Its members include much of the leadership of the Curia and the vital support staff of the Patriarchal See. It was due to the tireless efforts and continued devotion of these clerics and laymen that the ARRCC's initiatives for unity have been so successful.
Identifying that the solution to problems faced by the Church today will not be solved through schism or any act that breaks apart the Church or creates factions, the Patriarchal See has made official policy to denounce such division and to work for unity in Christian brotherhood under the guiding principle of cooperation without compromise.
Leaders of the ARRCC have been meeting with leaders of other Catholic jurisdictions for some time and have been successful in achieving agreement that cooperation without compromise is necessary to heal the wounds of the past, prevent further fraction, and build meaningful unity in Christ. While it was realized that problems facing the Church will not likely be solved instantaneously, it was also realized that they will never be solved without proactive efforts in which the members of the corporate Body of Christ move towards each other and not apart.

On Sunday, the Patriarchal Court itself was held at Chapel House, a chapel inside a 1920s Spanish-style house at the Bishop Jones Center of the Diocese of West Texas of the Episcopal Church in San Antonio. In accordance with tradition, the ceremony began with the Solemn Reception of the Patriarch at the church. This was followed by the rite for the court itself, which included an address by the Patriarch outlining the Church's policies and plans for unity efforts.
After the rites of the Court were concluded, Rev. Ryan Lozano was incardinated into the ARRCC and made a member of the Patriarchal Chapter. Msgr. Lozano will serve in the Prefecture of the Liturgy. The rites concluded with the solemn Te Deum.
The ARRCC seeks to build bridges and creative partnerships to make the work of the ministry more effective for everyone. It is the firm belief of the Church that the animosity of the past is counterproductive and must be turned into more positive directions. Schism, factions, and disharmony are not the answer. A true embracing of the Catholic Faith and extending the hand to others in the brotherhood of Christ through cooperation when possible is the answer that the ARRCC promotes.