Sunday, June 4, 2017

Statement of the Cardinal Patriarch of St. Stephen on the Continued Terror Attacks in the United Kingdom

PATRIARCHAL SEE 4 June 2017 (ORCNS) - H.Em. Mgr. Rutherford, Cardinal Count of Sainte Animie, Patriarch of St. Stephen, made the following statement regarding the recent terror attacks in London.

It should go without saying that we are deeply saddened by the recent cowardly terror attack in London. That there was yet one more attack in continuation of the string of attacks in recent times in Britain and Europe is, however, no surprise. It is a direct result of a refusal to acknowledge the problem and a direct result of irresponsible actions taken by governments. Praying for the victims is something that should certainly be done, but we know that our faith must be put into action. The Christian religion is not passive, for faith without action is no faith at all, just as work without faith is empty and meaningless. May God guide each of us, from world leaders to ordinary citizens, to resolve that the cowardly violence of these terrorists must be stopped here and now. 

Sometimes people get the drop on you and there is nothing you can do. However, in many terrorist and active shooter situations, there are things that can be done. The victims consider themselves victims rather than a superior force. Terrorists count on specific tactics that permit a much smaller group to gain control, even temporarily, over a larger force. Once these are understood, they can be countered -- by anyone. Society over the last decades in Europe, Britain, and the US has abandoned its roots, its culture, and raised generations of pantie-waisted pansies taught not to fight, but to give in. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away. I don't mean to insult the police at all. I merely mean that they cannot always get there fast enough, and also there is much that can be done during transit time. It is time for the people of Europe, Britain, and the US to reclaim their pride, their dignity, and their strength. Technology ultimately doesn't win wars. Determination, discipline, and a refusal to yield is what wins. People can turn just about anything around them into a weapon to fight back against attackers in a rational way. That is how we save lives and begin to turn the tide of militant Islam.