Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Patriarchal Allocution - Nativity of the Blessed Virgin 2020

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 8 September 2020 (ORCNS) -- The Archfather d. Rutherford I gave his annual allocution on the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. His High-Eminence addressed topics including political discord and the importance of Christ above all nations. The video of the allocution is below, followed by the transcript. 



Da Firenze-Nuova Roma ai Cristifedeli di tutto il mondo, ed ai membri della Corte di Santa Maria di Walsingham, grazia, pace, e la nostra benedizione Apostolica in questa festa gioiosa della Natività della Beata Vergine Maria. This day we celebrate the birth of the New Eve by whose obedience Christ was able to be born into the world for the salvation of mankind. Our Lady was immaculately conceived, yet had free will and was under no obligation to become the Mother of God. Yet when the angel appeared to her, she said: Behold the handmaid of the Lord, be it done unto me according to thy will – and she accepted the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit. We, each of us, likewise have a choice. We can accept God, or we can reject Him. Indeed, this is a choice we must make constantly throughout our lives in all that we do. It is easy to fall away from the faith under the influences of the world, and so we must pray for conversion on a regular basis and seek the help and intervention of the Blessed Virgin. Remember the benefits to mankind from the obedience of Our Lady whose birth we joyfully celebrate this day. The decisions we face in life, though, are rarely easy, but they are simple at their core. Questions are not black and white, but right and wrong, by which is meant “of God” and “not of God.”

In the 2000 years since the Incarnation of Christ, Our Lord seems not to have penetrated the hearts of mankind, for the world seeks constantly to abandon the ways of Christ and instead seeks other ends. When God comes to people, instead of following the example of Our Lady, far too often the invitation is rejected.

Carissimi, è necessario cercare nostro Signore, cercare Cristo in tutto per sempre. Se non lo cerchiamo, certo perderemo la nostra via; perderemo la via corretta di Dio. Dobbiamo sapere e capire che quella via, la via di Dio, è veramente l’unica via. We must search for our Lord, search for Christ in everything always. If we do not search for Him, we will certainly lose our way; we will lose the right path of God. We must know and understand that that way, the way of God, is the only way. Forse pensate che non sia facile, ma abbiamo la sacra liturgia ed i sacramenti della Santa Chiesa, la sposa di Cristo, per aiutarci. Perhaps you think it is not easy, but we have the sacred liturgy and the sacraments of the Holy Church, the bride of Christ, to help us. 

Today in the world there is much political upheaval and discord. This is nothing new in history. Mankind, being naturally oriented towards religion, will find something new if religion itself is abandoned. This we see in many countries today. For example, Europe is abandoning its sacred heritage, and the identity politics seen in the United States have largely replaced mainstream Protestantism that was so common, and thus is ultimately the same religion in a new package – only without God except for occasionally some warped version of God that somehow favours only one political party or viewpoint. We must caution, therefore, the Christian faithful not to make political decisions, including one’s own vote, according to political or other identity, but according only to the laws of God and the precepts of his Holy Church. Similarly, we must caution against too much identity with political parties and organisations at all, for they all too easily can insidiously replace one’s identity as a Christian or cause one’s Christian faith to be warped to fit the whims of politics. More than that, too much identification with political parties and even with national identity under the guise of patriotism, can tear away at one’s soul, pitting people against each other, breeding division where there should be unity in Christ.

Pues Dios no dice que una nación es mejor de todos los otros países. Pensais que la frontera sea una división májica o sagrada, y la gente aquí sea buena, pero la gente allá sea mal? Dijimos que no. De ningúna manera. Todos son hermanos en Cristo, pero los países vienen y se van. Solo la iglesia de Cristo es por siempre y para siempre. God does not say that one nation is better than all other countries. Do you think that the border is a magical or sacred division, and the people here are good, but the people there are bad? We say absolutely not. All are brothers and sisters in Christ, but the nations, they come and go. Only the Church of Christ is of all time and remains forever. Indeed, just as socialism and communism are opposed to and incompatible with the Christian faith, so too is nationalism. Our loyalty must first and foremost always be to God. If we are with God, He will be with us, and then who can stand against us? 

Now, prepare yourselves to receive God’s blessing.

Et benedictio Dei omnipotentis, + Patris, et + Filii, et Spiritus + Sancti descendat super vos et maneat semper. R. Amen.

Monday, September 7, 2020

Legion of the Eagle Consecrated to Christ

Jean DuBois

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 7 September 2020 (ORCNS) -- The Most Honourable Legion of the Eagle, the senior-most religious and dynastic order of the Anglican Patriarchate, was formally consecrated to Our Lord Jesus Christ on 5 September by His High-Eminence the Archfather Rutherford I. The consecration was formalised in a Patriarchal Constitution entitled "Praeclarissima Legio Aquilae." 

The dedication to Christ has always been a part of the Legion, which is the Christian successor to the IX Spanish Legion, founded by Julius Caesar. The eagle itself represents the divine victory of Christ. The consecration simply formalises this long-standing devotion. As a result, the Feast of Corpus Christi has been declared the principal feast of the Legion. The Feast of the Sacred Heart was also added as an official feast day, along with the already-existing feast of St. Patrick, Bishop and Confessor. 

Also as a result of this consecration, the Legion was granted the augmentation "of Christ" to its name. Thus, though "Legion of the Eagle" remains correct, its full name is the Most Honourable Legion of the Eagle of Christ. 

Additionally, three forms of additional neck insignia were approved for the Legion for Companions who hold other specific rare honours of the patriarchate. These are:

1. The Legion of the Eagle with Merit and Service Cross: Companions of Justice or of Honour who also are Members of the Order of Merit of St. Stephen and Our Lady of Walsingham and Companions Grand Cross of the Florentine Service Order. This consists of the cross of the Order of Merit, which contains within it the "Lesser Eagle" of the Legion, pendant from the blue stone of the Legion of the Eagle, pendant from the cluster of the Grand Cross of the Florentine Service Order. 

2. The Legion of the Eagle with Service Cross: Companions of Justice or of Honour who also are Companions Grand Cross of the Florentine Service Order. This consists of the cross of the Grand Cross of the Florentine Service Order, which contains within it the "Lesser Eagle" of the Legion, pendant from the blue stone of the Legion of the Eagle, pendant from the cluster of the Grand Cross of the Florentine Service Order. 

3. The Legion of the Eagle with Merit Cross: Companions of Justice or of Honour who also are Members of the Order of Merit of St. Stephen and Our Lady of Walsingham. This consists of the cross of the Order of Merit pendant from the blue stone of the Legion of the Eagle.

For more about the Legion of the Eagle, please see: http://www.regno.org/eagle.html

or in Italian, http://www.regno.org/aquila.html

Legion of the Eagle with Merit Cross

Legion of the Eagle with Service Cross

Legion of the Eagle with
Merit and Service Cross

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Archfather Celebrates Solemn Mass of great Florentine Saint Felipe Benizi

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 23 August 2020 (ORCNS) -- Earlier today H.H-Em. the Florentine Archfather celebrated a solemn mass in his private chapel for the great Florentine Saint Felipe Benizi. The Saint, born in Florence, was credited with reviving the Order of the Servites and was one of its superiors General. The cult of Saint Felipe Benizi was first recognised by Pope Leo X, founder of the legacy of the Anglican Patriarchate, in 1516 and was later canonised in 1671 by Pope Clement X.

H.H-Em. the Archfather celebrates the solemn mass
of Saint Felipe Benizi using the complete
solemn Patriarchal vestments.

The offering during the Holy Mass. 

Hospice Chaplain Ordained Lector, Exorcist, Acolyte, and Sub-Deacon

 FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 23 August 2020 (ORCNS) -- The Reverend Brother Elliott Francis, TOR Mar was ordained to the minor orders of Lector, Exorcist, and Acolyte and further to the Sub-Diaconate yesterday. The rites were officiated by H.H-Em. the Archfather and took place in his private chapel. Brother Elliott is a hospice chaplain and continues with his studies towards the priesthood. He also holds the office of Guardaroba (Wardrobe Master) of the Patriarchal Household and is a veteran of the US Army. 

In the Anglo-Roman Rite used by the Anglican Patriarchate (Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church), the ordination to the orders of Lector and Exorcist involve the laying on of a single hand by the ordaining bishop while imposing the Breviary and a book containing the rites of Exorcism respectively. The ordination to the order of Acolyte involves the laying on of both hands while the ordinand holds an unlit candle in the right hand and an empty cruet in the left. Each object imposed signifies the nature of the ministry of the particular order. 

At the ordination to the sub-diaconate, the first Holy Order that serves directly at the altar in the Holy Mass, both hands are laid on by the ordaining bishop, invoking the Holy Spirit. The new sub-deacon receives the amice, alb, maniple, and tunicle, the vestments of the sub-diaconate. The Book of Epistles is also imposed, signifying the right to read the Epistle at the mass. After the ritual, a chalice and paten are presented for the new sub-deacon to touch, signifying his ability to hold the Sacred Vessels. Similarly he is presented two cruets, one with wine and the other with water, and a lavabo basin and towel to touch in further symbolism of the role of the sub-diaconate. 

The Archfather ordains Brother Elliott as an Acolyte.

The Archfather imposes the Book Epistles during the
rites of ordination to the sub-diaconate. Brother Elliott
is vested in the tunicle and maniple,
the vestments of a sub-deacon. 

The Archfather and Brother Elliott after the ordination.

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Statement of Archfather Don Rutherford I on the Murder of Cannon Hinnant

FLORENCE-NEW ROME 16 August 2020 (ORCNS) - 

Statement of Archfather Don Rutherford I on the Murder of Cannon Hinnant

The recent murder of a North Carolina child Cannon Hinnant is truly a sand crying out to heaven for vengeance! While recent tragic events resulted in widespread rioting and violence, as well as intense media coverage, We are saddened and concerned by the comparative media silence on this murder that likewise is indicative of the systemic racism in the United States. Indeed, America and the world grow weary of the unjust violence and riots that abound. Just as extremists hijack religion in weak attempts to justify acts of psychopaths, so too, do leftists hijack notions of justice and free speech to advance their criminal cause. Yet, when their family, their business, their job, and their freedom are suffering, and when it fits their narrative, suddenly they find reason for outrage. Social justice – authentic social justice – is not one-sided and does not fuel agendas, but is in reality about respect for life and the condition of one’s fellow man. 

Undermining society by pitting neighbor against neighbor is the calling card of the Adversary. The Devil thrives in angst of anarchists; his blood flows freely through the veins of those who seek to spread and instill confusion. His dark heart sings out through fake facts, fake acts, false prophets, and popular politicians. He calls his own opinion truth and seeks to silence all other opinions. Lies become packaged as truth, and belief in those lies as truth becomes forced upon others. 

The Adversary now calls upon each of you. He is the one who expresses outrage to substitute one form of prejudice for another while calling it justice. 

He is the rich fellow who will bend a knee but will not bend his back to help anyone. 

He is the voice convincing young people that acts of wrong can magically make you right. 

He is the one who hires hypocrites to ignore why, as the Holy Church has been proclaiming for 2000 years, All Lives Matter. 

Yes, the Adversary thrives whenever anyone blindly follows angry vendettas no matter what the cause. 

And he grows stronger the longer fools are willing to bleed for him. 

No, we cannot expect the senseless to act sensibly. 

We cannot expect right to emerge from constant wrong. 

We cannot demand that others behave better than we. 

We cannot live in the future if we cannot learn from the past. 

We cannot be forgiven if we cannot forgive. 

We cannot selectively focus only on the things that matter only to us. 

Rather, we must be mature enough to focus on the greater good—the best thing, the best result for everyone. 

Yes, must never shirk our duty to stand in the face of wrong, to stand up for what is right. But we must be right ourselves to stand on any moral high ground. 

And that takes a great deal of soul-searching, and prayer, and a lot of adults in the room willing to discipline unruly children. 

Let us pray for the repose of the soul of Cannon Hinnant. Let us pray for the conversion of the hearts of mankind that we may all learn to live by the commandment of Our Lord to love our neighbour as ourselves. 

Friday, August 14, 2020

Statement of Archfather Rutherford I on the Eve of the Assumption 2020


Statement of HH-Em. Archfather Don Rutherford I
on the Eve of the Feast of the Assumption 2020

Tomorrow, 15 August, we celebrate each year the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Our Lady, having completed the course of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul into heaven. Although believed from the time of the early Church, this was dogmatically defined by Pope Pius XII in the Apostolic Constitution Munificentissimus Deus

 (...continued below...)
The Assumption of Mary

The Assumption follows the dogma of the Blessed Virgin’s Immaculate Conception by which she was preserved free from original sin. It was that state that prepared her to be, if she so decided to be, the Mother of God. Our Lady, of course, did so consent upon the message of the Angel and accepted the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit. It was through her free choice and obedience to the will of God that Our Lord and Saviour was able to come into this world, and thus the Word became Incarnate.

Tradition holds that Our Lady was assumed into Heaven from what is now known as the Holy House of Mary in Ephesus, Roman Empire, in modern-day Turkey. We had the privilege of making a pilgrimage last summer to the Holy House. 
Relic of the Holy Belt of Mary in the
care of the Anglican Patriarchate

Also, tradition holds, as depicted in many paintings, that Our Lady dropped her girdle down to one of the Apostles. This is called the Holy Belt of Mary. The Anglican Patriarchate counts among the most sacred objects entrusted to its care a piece of the Holy Belt, which came to us via the Byzantine Roman Empire. 
Archfather Rutherford during a 
pilgrimage to the Holy House
of Mary in Ephesus.

Indeed, long before the formal dogmatic definition by Pius XII in 1950, the glorious Assumption of Mary was a part of the Christian Faith. It was an official feast by the mid-ninth century when it was set by Pope Leo IV. St. Gregory of Tours is among the earliest church official to speak officially of the bodily Assumption of Mary. Scriptural evidence also exists. In the 8th century, Pope Sergius I also celebrated the feast. It was during that time that our Diaconal Church in Rome, Santa Maria Antiqua, was prominent and later used as the seat of the Bishop of Rome. Indeed, the Church of Santa Maria Antiqua, located in the Roman Forum, contains the earliest-known still-intact depiction of Our Lady as Queen of Heaven. 

May our Lady on the Feast of the Assumption bestow her blessing upon each of you, that you may each be brought thereby closer to Our Lord and Saviour. 

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Statement of H.H-Em. Archfather Rutherford I on the Upcoming United States Presidential Election


Statement of H.H-Em. Archfather Don Rutherford I
on the Upcoming United States Presidential Election

The people of the United States are again at the time to elect a new President. Such decisions necessarily have a moral component, and faithful Christians must be guided first and foremost by their faith as they cast their ballot. This election in the United States raises many significant moral questions on indeed a global scale. Although the choice of president and other government officials of a particular country necessarily impacts that country and the people of that country, the size and wealth of the United States at present is such that its decisions and its actions influence much of the world. That is also true about a presidential election. Faithful Christians must bear in mind the influence of their vote for President on the people who live within the United States, and also all the people who live around the world, for we are indeed all united in Christ, no matter where we live.

This particular presidential election contains a significant number of grave moral issues. Those issues cannot be laid aside, and Christians place their very souls in peril for all eternity if they lay aside their Christian faith when casting a vote for president.

The Christian faithful may not under any circumstances vote for a candidate who supports, particularly openly and unapologetically, the grave mortal sin of abortion. The right to life is the most essential of all rights, for all other rights have is a necessary precondition to exercise them that one is alive. Furthermore, the Christian faithful may not under any circumstances vote for a candidate who does not respect the sovereignty of Our Holy Mother the Church, for that right comes not from the state, but from Almighty God. Additionally, the Christian faithful may not under any circumstances vote for candidate who espouses the principles of Marxism, whether in the form of communism or socialism, or who embraces and promotes secularism. Indeed, no Christian may vote for a candidate who espouses or promotes the sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance. 

It has often been asked what one should do if both major candidates are flawed on those and other major issues. Given that the American system is such that it is almost inevitable that one or the other of the major candidates will win, under the principle of proportionate reason, one should vote for the candidate who will do the least harm. Ultimately this becomes a matter of one’s personal conscience. It is always advisable to seek guidance from one’s personal spiritual advisor.

You will be held accountable for your actions, and that is certainly true regarding the upcoming United States presidential election. Those who shirk the duty entrusted to them remove themselves from the saving graces of the sacraments of Our Holy Mother the Church until such time as they are duly contrite and properly reconciled.

The responsibility is yours, and your actions have consequences, not only for yourself, but for other people. Elections must be used to help establish the peace and justice of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in the land. That is the responsibility of the Christian faithful on the American election day, as well as each and every other day.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Rear Admiral of the Patriarchate Appointed

By Jean DuBois

RAdm HSH the Duke of Metz
FLORENCE-NEW ROME 20 July 2020 (ORCNS) -- H.S.H. the Duke of Metz was recently appointed Rear Admiral of the Patriarchate in the Walsingham Naval Guard by H.H-Em. the Archfather. The position is an honorary and ceremonial office within the Walsingham Guard with ancient roots. It recalls to the old days of sail and naval warfare in which a fleet at sea would often be organized into three squadrons, with one each commanded by the Admiral, the Vice Admiral, and the Rear Admiral. In the Walsingham Naval Guard, this position is ceremonially equivalent to the second assistance to the Chief of the Naval Guard in honor of that history. Today the position is conferred as a recognition to a worthy individual, and only one individual serves in the role at any given time. 

The Duke descends via the House of Arnulfings and was raised in the high mountain desert of Wyoming. With a diverse educational and cultural background, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Security and a Master of Business Administration and also holds high professional and military certifications in Homeland Security, Emergency Management, and Cyber Crime & Terrorism prevention. 

Flag of Rank of a Rear Admiral
of the Walsingham Naval Guard
     An Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America, the Admiral remains very active in service and philanthropy supporting various charitable outreach programs both he and his wife hold dear. The Duke has received honors in Scouting to include: the NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award; Silver Antelope for service to the 13 states of the Southern Region; Silver Beaver; the Sea Scout Leadership Award; and, most recently was honored as the Southern Region BSA Alumnus of the Year. He is a recipient of the U.S. President's Volunteer Service Award for Lifetime Achievement. 

     The Duke served honorably in the United State Navy Intelligence community and countless Federal, State and local agencies in combating threats from cyber-terrorism and cyber related crime. He is a founding member and served on the original board of directors for the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s InfraGard (National Members Alliance) program.  He was instrumental in expanding the Homeland Security grant program following 9/11 to include cyber threats and was the subcommittee chairman for Cyber Security for the Multi-State ISAC.  Currently, the Duke is employed as the Corporate Information Security Officer (CISO).

         For more information on the Walsingham Naval Guard, please see: www.anglicanritecatholicchurch.org/navalguard

Saturday, July 25, 2020

In Crusader Spirit, Bishop Jones Holds Sword During Sermon Against Desecration of Hagia Sophia

By Jean DuBois

NORTH CAROLINA 25 July 2020 (ORCNS) -- In response to the declaration of the Church of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul (historic Constantinople) as a mosque rather than an ecumenical shrine, 24 July 2020 has been declared a day of mourning for Christendom. The Muslim Imam ascended the pulpit of the Hagia Sophia, once the largest church of the Christian world and the center of the Eastern Roman Empire, with an Ottoman sword as a sign of conquest. The goal of retaking at least part of Jerusalem was declared.

In response to this vicious desecration and bigoted attack on Christianity, Bishop William Jones preached a sermon in which, holding a sword himself, he reiterated the importance of defending the Church and the Faith. He stated that several centuries of history of the Ottoman Empire was no justification for this act by Turkey. In fact, modern Turkey was invaded by the Turks. Before that it was a Latin Empire of Constantinople, and before that the Byzantine Empire -- Christian lands. The Church of the Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom) was built by the Emperor Justinian and remains at its heart a Christian Church, now occupied by the Mohammedans.

Sermon video below.

Friday, July 24, 2020

It’s For Your Own Good!

By Archfather Rutherford I


“It’s for your own good!” That is what they all said and how they all got started – every tyrant in modern history. Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mao Zedong – they all said that their way, their approach, their measures, and their rules were for your own good. “Our way good, all other ways bad.” Anyone who disagreed and tried not to go along with their way was deemed to be against the common good and indeed against every other person individually. Therefore, they felt quite justified in imposing punishments, from public shaming at best to far worse means. A tyrant who torments his people in the name of everyone’s “own good” will never stop, for they can use that claim to feel as if they have a clean conscience. More than that, that same claim makes people tend to go along with the tyranny. The world is seeing a resurgence of this exact same sense of tyranny, all under the guise of “it’s for your own good.” And, as before, people are buying into it and marching right along.

As with some of the tyrants of history, the modern ones use claims of science. They say that everything they do is science-backed, therefore naturally implying that everything that opposes all of their rules and regulations is contrary to science. Yet, how can anything claim to be truly science-based when over a decade of diligent, sober science is not only widely ignored, but often actively suppressed by the likes of YouTube, Facebook, the media in general, and various institutions? How can anything claim to be based in science when the only science used is that which backs their own claims and measures? Once again we see history repeat itself with “Our science good, their science bad.” 

Moreover, how can anyone claim validity based on statistics when those statistics are so often manipulated – and statistics are very easy to manipulate – to promote one point of view? The goal appears to be to fool the public, hoping that fear will make them oblivious to the deception. All of this also is overlaid with an international cacophony of agendas, political and otherwise. That makes it very difficult to discover the truth. In a state of uncertainty, then, people are more likely to act on fear, telling themselves that whatever is being imposed is absolutely necessary, naturally, “for their own good.” In that same state, people then react harshly and viciously towards those who did not simply accept everything at face value. History again repeats itself. 

Yet it is not unreasonable to demand instead that decisions be made based on the totality of science, logic, ethics, and morality, and not simply cede one’s civil liberties to a government, to companies, to cultural change mobs, and to other members of the public simply because someone says “it’s best for you.” It is not unreasonable to demand that civil liberties, basic human decency, and courtesy towards one’s fellow man be maintained, even in times of uncertainty and fear – especially when that uncertainty and fear are stoked into a raging bonfire by the agendas of governments, mobs, and others who again say “Our science, our way good, their science, their way bad.”

As we see the traditional values of Western society, built on the Roman Empire and survived thus far to the present, rapidly eroded, people would do well to reflect. As we see people tear each other down over disagreements on the present situation, people would do well to reflect. As we see civil liberties and common sense and common decency declining into an abyss, people would do well to reflect. Do we wish to be manipulated as a society? Do we wish to cede our civil liberties, our most essential rights stemming from our basic human dignity, taken away by governments and mobs? Any true right cannot be taken away, but can only be given away. Let all humanity resolve not to live in fear, but to face the future with the strength and courage that is their birthright as human beings.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Desecration of Churches and Christian Statues

FLORENCE 18 July 2020 (ORCNS)

Statement by Archfather Don Rutherford on the recent desecration of churches and Christian statues. 

If you ever wonder “what in the devil” is going on these days in our world, where disruption, discontent and destruction are the new norms, you are not far from the truth. Just look around.

For, the devil really is in the details.

And those details are everywhere the Church’s adversaries show their faces.

Of course these days, the devils who hate the Church, the devils who destroy religious objects...who decapitate statues of Jesus, the Blessed Virgin, and the Saints, who desecrate churches hide their faces in shame because they know that they are wrong. They are the new Taliban, the ones who want to destroy our way of life.

They know that hate is wrong. They know that defiling a church is wrong.

They lack souls. So they engage in desperate acts to find one.

They lack God’s love, and the capacity to love God, or even to love themselves. Thus, they lack forgiveness. And as a result, they lack hope.

If they have ever known love at all it is the conceit of their destructive opinions.

They are so frustrated, so full of self-loathing and self-contempt and painfully skewed self-awareness that their world is a living hell where they can never know peace.

Hate consumes them like a cancer that must spread, simply because it exists...and because we exist.

That’s why they must try to drag us all down to their miserable level. Because if God is good, the opposite of God is evil. Destroy God, and the Adversary can begin to call evil good.

That’s the devil of it all.

Ego Archipater R. 

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Archfather Authorises New Short Version of Name of Patriarchate

The insignia of the Anglican
Patriarchate, containing the key
of St. Peter crossed with the
sword of St. Mark. The Patriarchate
is among those that make use
of the papal tiara in heraldry
stemming from its unique
heritage and privileges.
PATRIARCHAL SEE 5 July 2020 (ORCNS) -- The Archfather has authorised "The Anglican Patriarchate" as a short version of the name of the Anglo-Italian Imperial Patriarchate, Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church. The short name succinctly describes the patriarchate's Roman Catholic and Anglican Rite heritage and is unique in history. The Curia has also reiterated that no names are being changed, but that this new short version is only an addition.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Condolences on Death of Pope's Brother

Msgr. Georg Ratzinger
Credit: Ricardo Ciccone
Creative Commons License
ROME 01 July 2020 (ORCNS) - The brother of the Holy Father Benedict XVI, Monsignor Georg Ratzinger, died on 1 July 2020 at the age of 96. He was a Canon of Regensberg since 2009. The Florentine Archfather expressed his condolences to Pope Benedict, saying, "Wir sprechen dem Heiligen Vater Benedikt unser aufrichtiges Beileid für den Tod seines Bruders, Monsignor Georg Ratzinger."

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

On the Rise of Socialism

By A. DiNardo
PATRIARCHAL SEE 24 June 2020 (ORCNS) - A Patriarchal Encyclical of Rutherford I was released today. Entitled Eventus Socialismi, the encyclical dealt with the rise of socialism in the world. It extends a similar statement made in 2008. The complete text is below. 

Eventus Socialismi 

Esteemed Brethren and Dearest Sons in Christ,

The issue of socialism growing in strength within the United States of America largely over the past decade, and indeed the whole world and especially Europe over the past several decades requires the attention of Christ’s Church. It is Our duty to comment on this matter and to advise the faithful under Our Apostolic and pastoral care so that they may understand and behave according to the Sacred Scriptures and Sacred Tradition of the Apostolic Faith. To do otherwise would be a failure in Our duty to Christ and to those in Our charge and care.

Attempts at Division

The fractured appearance of the Apostolic Church makes those who promote socialism believe they are better able to divide and conquer. While Christians separate over many diverse issues, socialists and communists join together to spread their vile poison of words and deeds, which has been shown by Church scholars and Church leaders over and over to be contrary to the Sacred Scripture, and embed their poison so deeply that it is difficult to remove. Yet, the Word of God is clear. The gates of Hell shall not prevail against Christ’s Church. Though the Church of the true and living Faith handed down in unbroken succession from the Apostles has split into separate jurisdictions around the world, and though those provinces of authority often bicker and fight in a manner unbecoming of them, there is still but one Church and one Faith, united under one Baptism. The gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.

The enemies of the Church delight in these split provinces, but they cannot see the truth. They are lured by these divisions, but fail to see that the union of Christ’s Church is deeper than leadership, jurisdiction, or Rite, but is instead a product of the Baptism in Christ and the authority transmitted by the Holy Spirit in succession from the Apostles.

The Necessity of the Clergy and Faithful to Speak out Against Injustice

This fractured state, while We lament it, is taken as the fact of the situation for the time being. Humans, as they are, have failed to shepherd faithfully the Divine Institution which has been entrusted to them, and so we as Christians are in fractured factions. Remember, though, that these independent churches of the Apostolic Faith are all successors to the Apostles, and they are valid in their authority. So too are they valid in their duty to act and to speak when there are issues of great social concern. The issues at hand today in Europe, the United States of America, and the world relate to the rights of unborn children, to economics and justice, to human rights and dignity, and indeed to the very freedom of individuals demanded by our Lord. The Church, regardless of rite or jurisdiction, cannot and must not remain silent on these issues.

When Government Acts Against the Church and Her People

Various entities in government and outside the government have sought to silence the clergy in their outspoken criticism of the government policies; policies that are contrary to morality and Church precepts. The Church, however, must remember its higher calling and remain firm in the realisation of its duty, faithfully carrying out that duty of legitimate opposition to illegitimate policies that marginalise rather than acknowledge the individual dignity; that restrain liberty while at the same time, and in a hypocritical fashion, mocking the authority of rule and the rule of law; that forces the will of a determined minority upon the remainder of the population; and that harms individuals under a misguided or malicious veil of fairness. The Bishops inherit the authority of the Apostles, yet they inherit also the responsibilities pertaining to that office as well. Ordinary clergy share in the responsibility, and the faithful have the responsibility to oppose all that is unjust, so far as in their power lies. Acts against the Church and her leaders and people should not and must not deter those leaders and people from doing their Christian duty.

The Government as a Protector of Religious Freedom
At this point in time, the duty of opposition to any unjust government policy is perhaps at its most crucial need. States, historically founded upon Christian principles by leaders with deep Christian faith, have always safe-guarded religious freedom. Now the socialist and communist factions seek subjugation to the State. In the United States of America, they even seek to use the supposed and purported foundation of religious freedom and the mechanism for guarding it, the First Amendment to their Constitution, to limit religious freedom. In many cases this goes beyond limitation into outright marginalisation of Christians and restrictions on their rights and activities, particularly in favour of other religious groups. The end result of this is not the religious tolerance and equity touted by the socialists as their goal, but rather a Marxist-style of “class warfare” between religious groups. This has recently been expanded to include racial division and conflict. Under the veil of peace comes war. Under the cloak of freedom comes tyranny.

The Church, ever-concerned with the salvation of man, must work for the condition of man on earth to aid in their efforts of attainment of salvation. Often governments historically have traditionally been a whole-hearted and enthusiastic participant in this effort. Socialism has crept in silently over time, and now it is seeking to dominate. Good and faithful Christians must oppose the plans of any person in the government that seeks this socialist or communist domination. Such an outcome would result in the limitation of personal freedom, and hence a subjugation of individual work on salvation of all people to the present and temporal needs of the State and secular society. Secularism, which goes hand-in-hand with socialism and communism, is the enemy of Christianity and the enemy of human dignity, rights, and freedom. The civil governments must be restored to their previous condition of preserving Christian principles, religious and individual freedom, and the dignity of all humans.

Socialism and Communism are Incompatible with Christianity

No Christian may be a socialist. No Christian may be a Communist. This has been consistently supported by the leaders of the true Church around the world.

Socialism and communism are at odds with Christianity. Both prohibit personal liberty, subjugating all people to the present and temporal needs of the State, with a focus purely on the present and the temporal.

Communism further is a Godless society. In socialism and communism, the individual is replaced by the State, and our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is replaced with the concept of nationalism, i.e., effective worship of the State. Such notions clearly are incompatible with Christian principles and must be avoided and opposed wherever they are encountered.

At times the faithful have been forced into subjugation at the hands of socialists and communists, and may even be forced or deluded into active participation, becoming pawns and puppets of the socialist regimes. We must always pray for such persons, as they are under the influence, often innocently, of the Devil’s tool of disharmony on the earth, socialism.

This same fate of subjugation may await the faithful within Europe, the United States, and other countries if the socialist factions in government continue in office. Such is the duty of the faithful, for they must aid in preventing their own fate from being that of many Christians in socialist and communist nations around the world.

The Culture of Death
The modern culture of death has been treated by many great leaders of the Church and by many great theologians. A society that does not value human life has subscribed to the culture of death. A society that does not protect unborn children and permits abortion, the outright murder of unborn children, has subscribed to the culture of death. This is incompatible with Christian principles, and no true Christian may subscribe to it. The faithful should pray for guidance and strength in opposing these horrors of the modern world. We cannot comprehend how societies of such historic greatness can permit the legal murder of unborn children.

The dogma and doctrine that must be accepted and followed by Christians is that of Christ’s Church, as handed down in unbroken succession from the Apostles, they themselves deriving their true and just authority from Jesus Christ Himself, receiving the Holy Spirit on the first Pentecost. All doctrines of man, made by man for various often selfish and nefarious reasons, must be rejected. Often these dogmae and doctrines appear on the surface to be benign and perhaps even helpful. The veneer of kindness often masks a deep and dark purpose underneath. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Such is the duty of Christians to remain vigilant against them.

Societies that Turn Away from our Lord and Saviour

Societies that turn away from our Lord and Saviour are doomed to at least a temporary negative fate, if not outright annihilation. We need only turn to the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany to see the destruction wrought upon the people of a nation due to governments that were without God. They were without the love and charity of our Lord Jesus Christ, and their societies were destroyed.

We do not wish this fate visited upon the nations of the world, especially the Christian nations founded by the grace of God to uphold God and provide dignity and freedom for all. Yet, this is the fate that awaits these nations if socialist factions succeed in their machinations. Using inclusive language and veiling themselves with flags and notions of freedom, they sneak their way in as a thief in the night and slowly take over government and society, creating a culture of fear so that none dare oppose them. What is worse is that the people, fooled by their lies, have helped to put them into power through campaign efforts and elections. Let us not go the foolish ways of Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union, for We do not wish the people of the Christian world to suffer at the hand of God for their national disobedience.

The Truth of Christian Values

By the grace of God, we the people of God have been given the Church. She is the Bride of Christ, instituted by Him and born out of His death and passion, and glorious resurrection and ascension. She is universal, and she exists to save all mankind. The values of Christ and His Church are paramount among all value systems. Morality is not relative or a matter of personal choice. It is a matter of Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, as well as the teaching authority of the universal Church. Socialists seek to replace our value system with one of their own, which values not the dignity and freedom of man, but merely their own interests here and now. They care not for the salvation of man, but only for temporal interests of power. We urge all those in Our care to keep the faith and to keep Christ’s values in their hearts above all other value systems. All other value systems must be measured against that of Christ.

On the Unity of Christians

The Church, being universal and embracing all people of the world, craves unity. This unity is unity of doctrine and faith above all else. Christians, though possessing many diverse forms of worship within the Apostolic Faith and tradition, are still unified by one Baptism and that Apostolic Faith. The Holy Spirit flows through the Church as surely today as it did on the first Pentecost.

Socialists by their very nature seek to break apart Christian unity, tempting us to focus on our differences and ignore our unifying foundation. This foundation is strong; far stronger than they are. They cannot break or destroy it. They can only hope for us to ignore it. By so doing, they hope to weaken us so that we fight ourselves instead of them, leaving them free to pursue their goal of absolute power. We, dearest brethren, must be vigilant and constantly guard against this. We must not allow ourselves to be pitted against each other, but rather must focus on opposing socialism and communism in our society today.

Method of Opposition

Spiritual weapons are the weapons that must be used. The bomber and the assassin are the tools of the anarchist. Anarchism is chaos and hence the opposite of order, and its lack of order fails to guarantee freedom and dignity. It fails to consider anything in the future, but only the present. Anarchism is as offensive to Christianity as socialism and communism are. Therefore, the tools of the anarchist must not be used.

The faithful must pray for the conversion of the socialists and communists, and of all those who know not Christ. For those professed Christians who still persist in following the ills of socialism and communism, we must all pray for their return to the faith and for their abandonment of their philosophies contrary to the Church and to human freedom and dignity.

Victory over Socialism

Socialists in Europe, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States have gained tremendous power in the past decade or more. Now they occupy many seats of power in government. They seem determined to destroy society as she historically is and was meant to be, and instead re-invent her as a socialist regime, focused only on power and ignoring the needs and rights of the people. This must be opposed by the faithful. It is our duty. For the Bishops, it is our Apostolic duty. This is a duty in which we cannot fail. God will help us; this you should all remember. We shall reiterate that the gates of Hell shall not prevail against Christ’s Church and His people.

We must further pray that Bishops, clergy, and people of other provinces respond in a similar manner as We have admonished you, dear brethren, to respond. This is an era of a crossroads. Will the Christian people remain free, or will they become mired in a socialist hell on earth? We must fight for the former and fight against the latter.


In conclusion, We pray that each of you will reflect duly upon these words, maintain the doctrine of the true faith as handed down from the Apostles, and oppose legitimately to the best of your abilities these threats against freedom that we now face in the world. To my Esteemed Brethren the Bishops and Ordinary Clergy of the Imperial Patriarchate, I charge you to admonish your flocks in these matters, keep the faith, and promulgate it throughout the world. Remember that Ecclesia Patria Nostra, the Church is our country first and foremost. Seeing the light of Christ, it is impossible that the heathen, the fallen, and the enemies of Christ’s Church can stand against it. Never give up the fight for justice on earth, trusting in the justice of eternity, and always keep the faith. The enemies of the church, including the socialists and communists that form the primary topic of this letter, may win spotted victories, and even large victories, but they shall not have the final victory. Remember this always as you live your Christian vocation and await the reward of everlasting life. We pray health and happiness to you all and impart Our Apostolic Blessing on each of you.

Ego Archipater R.

The Political Doctrine of Imperial Catholicism

By Jean DuBois

PATRIARCHAL SEE 24 June 2020 (ORCNS) - The Patriarchal Curia recently released a Patriarchal Constitution of Rutherford I entitled "The Political Doctrine of Imperial Catholicism," which detailed and clarified doctrinal elements of the Catholic faith pertaining to the civil state. A Patriarchal Constitution is the highest form of legal proclamation within the Imperial Patriarchate. The complete text of the constitution is below.


The church and the state are necessarily intertwined. Although it is true that the civil state has no authority whatsoever over the Holy Church, it is entirely a fallacy to believe that Christian people should not look to their faith when serving in government roles or when voting were indeed when considering the legitimacy of government positions or actions. It is indeed the role and the right of the Church hierarchy to guide, advise, and when necessary, criticise and admonish the civil government. As all things on earth are under God, they rightly fall under the jurisdiction of His Holy Church, and therefore the civil government likewise falls under the jurisdiction of the Church.
The Church Militant, i.e., the Holy Catholic Church here on earth, is concerned with the spiritual well-being of all mankind, the salvation of all mankind, the establishment of the Kingdom of God here on earth, and the condition of humanity. The nature and application of that follows directly from the social doctrine and general doctrine of the faith. Any legitimate government must follow those principles and has among its rightful aims the implementation of the goals of the church aforementioned, as well as the care of those specific people placed in its temporal care. No government that does not yield to the principles of the faith may be considered legitimate. No laws, edicts, directives, regulations, or policies that in any way challenge the authority of the Church or the principles of the doctrine of the faith or the Law of God may be considered legitimate or indeed lawful, and therefore are rightly disobeyed according to the ancient tradition of the Catholic Church. Indeed, any legitimate government is but a temporal wing of the Church. The civil state is a social institution, and therefore falls squarely under the social doctrine and the general doctrine of Christ’s Holy Church. That is the essence of the political doctrine of Imperial Catholicism.

I. Spirituality of Life

Humanity lives in a world that is inherently materialistic. Even those who do not worship material things necessarily make use of material things nonetheless. Material things may be used for good or for bad purposes. It is the underlying intent of use that makes such a determination. Imperial Catholicism considers that a purely material life is intrinsically disordered, selfish, vapid, and temporary, for it is the chasing of momentary pleasure and the avoidance of temporary pain without any deeper meaning. 

Imperial Catholicism says that civil life must be ordered under the acknowledgment that all humans are inherently spiritual. This is a rejection of materialism and utilitarianism, as well as any other philosophy that indicates that decisions may be moral if they are merely guided by pleasure and pain or in any way are not guided by a spiritually-based moral code. That is, humanity and the civil state must be guided by reasoning rooted in the doctrine of the faith, which is the true and authentic source of all morality.

Therefore, Imperial Catholicism also promotes an awareness of one’s own inner spirituality, each person being a creation of God in His image. Each action taken by an individual must, therefore, have some deeper meaning rather than a simple response to physical stimulus. Both individuals and the civil state, therefore, at their best when they seek in all that they do to be their best in the glorification of God, for to do so is to live a life of purpose. By surrendering to the moral code, by giving meaning to each thing that one does for the glory of God, both humanity and the civil state are elevated. The notion of freedom in Imperial Catholicism is one in which endeavours, whether they be artistic, scientific, governmental, or something else, are free and legitimate to be pursued provided they are done soberly within the framework of the moral code. 

II. Sacred and Temporal Tradition

In accordance with the necessity of tradition as an essential pillar of the Catholic Faith, the political thought of Imperial Catholicism necessarily must be rooted strongly in tradition. That tradition must be the tradition of the Holy Church, the various peoples associated with the territory of the specific civil state, and the associated history of both the church and state.

Imperial Catholicism, following from the doctrinal position that the faith exists jointly over all time and space, meaning that we are all part of the same church as those who came before us and those who will come after us, asserts that individuals and humanity as a whole are irrelevant except in the context of history. Life, therefore, must be lived with a sense of tradition and the knowledge of history, applying both diligently to the specific circumstances of modern life.

Imperial Catholicism, then, necessarily rejects progressivism and modernism. Progressivism promotes the idea that everything that is new is inherently better than everything that is old, and the ideas of today are inherently better and superior to the ideas of yesterday. Such a philosophy is arrogant, for it fails to place oneself in the overall historical context. History is a compass, for one must know where one has been in order to know where one is and where one is going.

Additionally, the political doctrine of Imperial Catholicism allows that certain traditions may change over time, but only in specific evolutionary manners that do not in fact remove them from the overall context of the tradition and history from whence they came.

III. Individuality and Society

The faith teaches both the individual and the collective. Imperial Catholicism, then asserts that a civil state is indeed a collective, but the collective society is comprised of individuals, each possessing individual dignity and worth. Imperial Catholicism, therefore, rejects outright all Marxist ideas of communism and socialism as being offensive to the dignity of Christ and all humanity created in the image of God.

Imperial Catholicism also places a limited confidence in democratic forms of government, such as democracies and republics. Such forms of government have a strong potential mob rule, as well as a majority determination of morality, when in reality morality is not subject to popular vote. Democracy has the strong potential to become a tyranny itself under the guise of political freedom. The state deludes its people into believing that the people themselves have sovereignty, when in reality it is the state itself that takes on the mantle of that selfsame type of supreme ruler that democracy claims to abhor. 

Furthermore, democratic states also have the significant potential to act only in the interests of the majority or a minority, which itself becomes effectively a majority for voting purposes, to the detriment of various minorities. Therefore, Imperial Catholicism necessarily asserts that democracies and republics must ensure that the desires, customs, etc. that do no harm that inherent to individuals or minority groups may continue to be expressed and lived even if they contradict the majority wish, custom, or law. This is especially of the utmost importance regarding spiritual custom, for many democracies and republics, even one in particular that claims to have been founded on principles of religious freedom, fail to respect the rights of Catholics to live according to their faith and to express their faith openly publicly. No government that forsakes the Catholic Church and the spiritual liberty of individuals thereof may rightly consider itself legitimate.

The civil state has an inherent duty to protect the rights of individuals, extending those rights as much as possible, and individuals have a duty, stemming from love of neighbour, to be a responsible member of society. Imperial Catholicism further acknowledges that temporal states are temporary creations, and therefore loyalty must be to the Church first. In an authentic sense of patriotism cannot come from flag worship, state worship, or anything that replaces God, but may only legitimately, according to the Catholic doctrine, come from a love of neighbour.

Imperial Catholicism respects the individual dignity and spiritual worth of all individuals. However, it is an affront to God to suggest that all individuals are carbon copies of each other, and therefore the idea of egalitarianism so often touted by democracies, socialist states, and communist states, among others, must necessarily be rejected outright. There are both natural inherent differences in ability, given by God, as well as differences in environment and development of those natural abilities, both of which differentiate one individual from another.

IV. Church and State

It is a key principle of Imperial Catholicism that the Holy Church and her hierarchy are always and everywhere superior in dignity and authority to the civil state. That authority comes from God Himself and may not rightly be challenged or modified by any civil authority. Therefore, again, the loyalty of any citizen must first be to the Church above any civil state.

Furthermore, recalling the temporary nature of civil states, which is well understood through a study of history, Imperial Catholicism promotes the notion summed up in the statement: Ecclesia Patria Nostra, i.e., the Church is Our Country. Everywhere we must remember that our duty is first to God and His Holy Church. This has a further implication as well, specifically that we must not fail to consider our Christian brethren on other sides of civil borders to be anything other than our brothers and sisters in Christ. That must likewise continue even in the case of conflict and warfare, where perhaps it could be said to be of even greater significance and importance. 

V. Summary of Purpose

Ultimately Imperial Catholicism asserts that individuals and society must seek spiritual ends even to the detriment of material or political ends, for material and political purposes only have meaning and legitimacy if they serve a deeper, profound, spiritual purpose. Imperial Catholicism in the modern era continues and builds upon its legacy from the Holy Roman Empire, which was itself the temporal wing of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, as well as its legacy from the Roman Empire, and from other civilisations that have both influenced it and been influenced by it, including the Spanish Empire, the French kingdom, and the Merovingian dynasty. It is the spiritual that must dictate and guide our individual decisions as well as our collective decisions as a society. Freedom and liberty are notions that are meaningless without Christ. Likewise, order of the state and society are meaningless and illegitimate without God, the source of all order and goodness in the universe.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

"We are at War!" English Translation of Encyclical "Siamo in Guerra" Released.

By Jean DuBois

PATRIARCHAL SEE 18 June 2020 (ORCNS) -- In response to requests, the Patriarchal Curia released an English language version of the patriarchal encyclical entitled Siamo in Guerra. Originally written in Italian, the encyclical was promulgated on 24 April of this year. 

Siamo in Guerra

To all the Christian Faithful around the World:


     We are truly at war, and this war is not against a virus, but it is the gates of hell against the Holy Church and against the ancient traditions of free society. In truth, this war is one of the most important wars in the history of the world, as we fight for the continuation of the freedom of the church over the world and for the continuation of our civilisation. We cannot doubt that this current fight is very difficult and will continue to be very difficult in the near future. How long it will remain, We do not know, and we cannot know. We do not need to think about this. We should only think of the final victory, a victory only possible through our Lord. Truly, dearest sons and daughters, you are soldiers in the Army of Christ. In this struggle, flags of nations are worth nothing, except only the sacred flag of our Lord and of the Holy Church.

     The forces of the devil in the world used the situation of the virus to establish a great confusion among the people of the world. Many people were afraid, and this fear was the instrument of the devil. The diabolical agents have exploited the situation to remove freedom, not only of the people, but also of the Holy Church. People were robbed and continue to be robbed of their dignity, their freedom, in a more forceful and more complete way than that of the Soviets, and also than that of the Nazis. Yes, it is a good work to save lives, but this situation is not in fact a choice of lives versus money, but lives versus lives. But the agents of the devil have caused many people to think that the real reason is to save lives. Those agents have used this to change the entirety of life, to change businesses, to change the whole of society, and also to change the rights of the Holy Church and the religious freedom of the people. The real reason, the only reason for the actions of most governments of the world is radically to change the true heart of the people and of society. They want society to abandon Christ and to abandon the ancient and sacred traditions in favour of a new socio-fascist world.

     In these days, the people are under the hands of the modernist states. Governments have forced companies to close, but for what crime? For none at all. Governments have chosen winners and losers in an arbitrary way. Governments have also forced a large section of the people under house arrest, but also for what crime? For no crime. It is a work still accomplished in a stronger and more complete way than the that of the Soviets, and also than that Enof the Nazis. Governments, I blame you for the diabolical crime. You do not care about the people under your protection.

     The protection of the people is a sacred charge under God, but governments have failed. The modernists against God, under the banner of saving a number of human lives from this new virus, in truth few in comparison with the population of the world, have endangered hundreds of millions of people in all places around the world – in danger of hunger, danger of deprivation, danger of health problems, danger of bankruptcy, lack of ability to provide for their families. How many of these are supposed to die to save others? Governments cannot say that these lives are worth more than those lives, for governments and government officials are not God. But now they play God. In truth these modernist states want to be God, and they want people to genuflect humbly to the civill government and only to the civil government. This is at the heart of this battle, this war. We cannot let governments replace God with themselves.

     The time is now! We must win for the glory of God! Now is the time when Christians must rise up against the modern forces of the devil! They are not new forces, but they are the same forces of all times in the history of the world. Our valiant ancestors fought against the same forces. Now it is our turn!

Ego Archipater R.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Social Justice, Right to Life - Archfather gives Corpus Christi Allocution

Jean DuBois

PATRIARCHAL SEE 10 June 2020 (ORCNS) - The Archfather gave his annual Corpus Christi Allocution today. His High-Eminence spoke of issues of social justice and the right to life, referring to the Holy Church as the original and only truly authentic instrument of social justice today. The Archfather gives five regular allocutions, or formal speeches, each year on Easter, Corpus Christi, the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, Christmas, and Ash Wednesday, as well as others as situations warrant. They are always addressed by tradition "From the Florentine Household to the Christian Faithful around the world, and to the members of the Court of St. Mary of Walsingham." The video and transcript of the allocution are below.


FROM the Florentine household to the Christian faithful around the world, and the members of the Court of St. Mary of Walsingham, grace, peace, and Our Apostolic Blessing on this wonderful Feast of Corpus Christi in the year of our Lord 2020. This day in the liturgical calendar finds the world descended further into chaos and turmoil and division and upheaval. But any student of history will know that this is not unusual, this is not new, this is quite common, and perhaps is even the standard state of things in the world. Today we hear so often talked about this concept of social justice, and it is indeed a fine thing to seek justice authentic justice for all. Yet this term is so often misused and abused by individuals and organisations for political and other agendas. In fact, that abuse is often such that it harms the very people that they claim to be trying to help. And thus we submit that the only authentic and indeed the original institution of social justice is the Church of Christ.

That social justice of the church is rooted in the church’s social doctrine, which derives from moral theology. Christ came into the world, performed miracles, taught the truth, suffered, was crucified, buried, descended into hell, rose from the dead, walked the earth as the risen Lord, and then gloriously ascended into heaven not for one group of people, but for all people and all time. It is for this reason that the church is the only authentic institution of social justice in the world. All that we do indeed flows from the altar of God, whereupon takes place that same true and living Sacrifice.

And so today in the world when people talk of justice and equality, such conversations are ultimately fruitless and meaningless without a respect for life. Indeed the world today has abandoned as a whole its respect for life. No person, no organisation, no nation has any right to demand justice for any individual or group of people if it does not first respect life. No nation, no people may demand justice while the curse of abortion continues to exist. We cannot talk about the rights of man when we have the wholesale slaughter of millions of people around the world each year in the form of abortion.

The right to life is the most fundamental and foundational right that exists. When we talk about other rights, they assume one thing – and that is that you are alive to exercise that right. And therefore again the right to life is the most fundamental right on earth that we can discuss. So until that becomes the centre of the argument, of the debate, the centre of the discussion, everything else is meaningless and can not exist in any authentic way leading to a true solution. This is what the Church of Christ teaches, and this is the framework of authentic social justice that must take place in the world if we as Christians are to try to make the world a better place, as we should; if we are to try to help our fellow man, as we should; if we are to see those suffering and see them as our brothers, as we should. None of that can in fact take place or have any true meaning if it does not flow from the altar of God, if it is not centred on a foundation of a right to life. That is the first discussion that must be had today in society.

It is the Body of Christ that we celebrates this day in the liturgical calendar that unites humanity. It is the Body of Christ that leads to authentic social justice among mankind. Now, go into the world to build this respect for life among your fellow man so that we may try to help establish the kingdom of God here on earth.

And now prepare yourself for God's blessing.

Et benedictio Dei omnipotensis, Patris, + et Filii, + et Spiritus + Sancti, descendat super vos et maneat semper. R. Amen.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

People of the Patriarchate Serve in Pandemic

By Jean Du Bois
Mgr. Douglas, Chancellor of the Court of St. Mary of
Walsingham, gives a drive-though blessing during
the global pandemic.

PATRIARCHAL SEE 7 June 2020 (ORCNS) - The people of the Imperial Patriarchate (Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church) continue to provide health and humanitarian service during the global coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. The Imperial Patriarchate and its diverse organisations have served in various ways since the epidemic began. At the center of those efforts is the Imperial Patriarchate's uniformed humanitarian service, the Walsingham Guard. Also, as changes were imposed around the world by civil authorities, even at times in violation of the rights of the Church, the Imperial Patriarchate's mission-based system proved resilient and effective, being quickly adopted also by countless other churches around the world.

Walsingham Guard members participate in preparation
exercises before the pandemic, such as the emergency
action local drill shown here. 
The health and humanitarian service of members of the Imperial Patriarchate and its various organisations have included direct medical care and leadership, care of the elderly and vulnerable populations, food distribution, Covid-19 test processing, and more. The Curia has also been involved for months in international high-level policy work pertaining not only to the health situation, but especially to the resulting significant humanitarian crisis.
Lt. Col. the Rev. G. Mackey, an
officer of the Walsingham Guard,
is among those serving during

the pandemic. 

Even during this challenging time, the Imperial Patriarchate continues to follow its mandate of mission, service, and charity. It remains a living continuation of its patrimony that spans from Europe and the British Isles to the New World. As successors to Leo X and Custodians of the Apostolic See of St. Mark at Aquileia, the Imperial Patriarchate's work during this global crisis stands as a continuation of the countless acts of service during its 2000 year history. The Archfather stated, "Our people over the past two thousand years have endured many things and always risen to the challenge, never shirking in their duty, never giving in to difficulty or threat. Those who serve today during this global humanitarian crisis through the Imperial Patriarchate and our wonderful organisations have lived up to their legacy. We cannot help but be extremely proud of them. They stand as a shining example to everyone."

For more information on the Imperial Patriarchate, please visit: http://www.anglicanritecatholicchurch.org/
as well as: http://www.regno.org/