Saturday, July 25, 2020

In Crusader Spirit, Bishop Jones Holds Sword During Sermon Against Desecration of Hagia Sophia

By Jean DuBois

NORTH CAROLINA 25 July 2020 (ORCNS) -- In response to the declaration of the Church of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul (historic Constantinople) as a mosque rather than an ecumenical shrine, 24 July 2020 has been declared a day of mourning for Christendom. The Muslim Imam ascended the pulpit of the Hagia Sophia, once the largest church of the Christian world and the center of the Eastern Roman Empire, with an Ottoman sword as a sign of conquest. The goal of retaking at least part of Jerusalem was declared.

In response to this vicious desecration and bigoted attack on Christianity, Bishop William Jones preached a sermon in which, holding a sword himself, he reiterated the importance of defending the Church and the Faith. He stated that several centuries of history of the Ottoman Empire was no justification for this act by Turkey. In fact, modern Turkey was invaded by the Turks. Before that it was a Latin Empire of Constantinople, and before that the Byzantine Empire -- Christian lands. The Church of the Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom) was built by the Emperor Justinian and remains at its heart a Christian Church, now occupied by the Mohammedans.

Sermon video below.

Friday, July 24, 2020

It’s For Your Own Good!

By Archfather Rutherford I


“It’s for your own good!” That is what they all said and how they all got started – every tyrant in modern history. Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mao Zedong – they all said that their way, their approach, their measures, and their rules were for your own good. “Our way good, all other ways bad.” Anyone who disagreed and tried not to go along with their way was deemed to be against the common good and indeed against every other person individually. Therefore, they felt quite justified in imposing punishments, from public shaming at best to far worse means. A tyrant who torments his people in the name of everyone’s “own good” will never stop, for they can use that claim to feel as if they have a clean conscience. More than that, that same claim makes people tend to go along with the tyranny. The world is seeing a resurgence of this exact same sense of tyranny, all under the guise of “it’s for your own good.” And, as before, people are buying into it and marching right along.

As with some of the tyrants of history, the modern ones use claims of science. They say that everything they do is science-backed, therefore naturally implying that everything that opposes all of their rules and regulations is contrary to science. Yet, how can anything claim to be truly science-based when over a decade of diligent, sober science is not only widely ignored, but often actively suppressed by the likes of YouTube, Facebook, the media in general, and various institutions? How can anything claim to be based in science when the only science used is that which backs their own claims and measures? Once again we see history repeat itself with “Our science good, their science bad.” 

Moreover, how can anyone claim validity based on statistics when those statistics are so often manipulated – and statistics are very easy to manipulate – to promote one point of view? The goal appears to be to fool the public, hoping that fear will make them oblivious to the deception. All of this also is overlaid with an international cacophony of agendas, political and otherwise. That makes it very difficult to discover the truth. In a state of uncertainty, then, people are more likely to act on fear, telling themselves that whatever is being imposed is absolutely necessary, naturally, “for their own good.” In that same state, people then react harshly and viciously towards those who did not simply accept everything at face value. History again repeats itself. 

Yet it is not unreasonable to demand instead that decisions be made based on the totality of science, logic, ethics, and morality, and not simply cede one’s civil liberties to a government, to companies, to cultural change mobs, and to other members of the public simply because someone says “it’s best for you.” It is not unreasonable to demand that civil liberties, basic human decency, and courtesy towards one’s fellow man be maintained, even in times of uncertainty and fear – especially when that uncertainty and fear are stoked into a raging bonfire by the agendas of governments, mobs, and others who again say “Our science, our way good, their science, their way bad.”

As we see the traditional values of Western society, built on the Roman Empire and survived thus far to the present, rapidly eroded, people would do well to reflect. As we see people tear each other down over disagreements on the present situation, people would do well to reflect. As we see civil liberties and common sense and common decency declining into an abyss, people would do well to reflect. Do we wish to be manipulated as a society? Do we wish to cede our civil liberties, our most essential rights stemming from our basic human dignity, taken away by governments and mobs? Any true right cannot be taken away, but can only be given away. Let all humanity resolve not to live in fear, but to face the future with the strength and courage that is their birthright as human beings.