Sunday, August 16, 2020

Statement of Archfather Don Rutherford I on the Murder of Cannon Hinnant

FLORENCE-NEW ROME 16 August 2020 (ORCNS) - 

Statement of His Holy Eminence Archfather Don Rutherford I on the Murder of Cannon Hinnant

The recent murder of a North Carolina child Cannon Hinnant is truly a sin crying out to heaven for vengeance! While recent tragic events resulted in widespread rioting and violence, as well as intense media coverage, We are saddened and concerned by the comparative media silence on this murder that likewise is indicative of the systemic racism in the United States. Indeed, America and the world grow weary of the unjust violence and riots that abound. Just as extremists hijack religion in weak attempts to justify acts of psychopaths, so too, do leftists hijack notions of justice and free speech to advance their criminal cause. Yet, when their family, their business, their job, and their freedom are suffering, and when it fits their narrative, suddenly they find reason for outrage. Social justice – authentic social justice – is not one-sided and does not fuel agendas, but is in reality about respect for life and the condition of one’s fellow man. 

Undermining society by pitting neighbor against neighbor is the calling card of the Adversary. The Devil thrives in angst of anarchists; his blood flows freely through the veins of those who seek to spread and instill confusion. His dark heart sings out through fake facts, fake acts, false prophets, and popular politicians. He calls his own opinion truth and seeks to silence all other opinions. Lies become packaged as truth, and belief in those lies as truth becomes forced upon others. 

The Adversary now calls upon each of you. He is the one who expresses outrage to substitute one form of prejudice for another while calling it justice. 

He is the rich fellow who will bend a knee but will not bend his back to help anyone. 

He is the voice convincing young people that acts of wrong can magically make you right. 

He is the one who hires hypocrites to ignore why, as the Holy Church has been proclaiming for 2000 years, All Lives Matter. 

Yes, the Adversary thrives whenever anyone blindly follows angry vendettas no matter what the cause. 

And he grows stronger the longer fools are willing to bleed for him. 

No, we cannot expect the senseless to act sensibly. 

We cannot expect right to emerge from constant wrong. 

We cannot demand that others behave better than we. 

We cannot live in the future if we cannot learn from the past. 

We cannot be forgiven if we cannot forgive. 

We cannot selectively focus only on the things that matter only to us. 

Rather, we must be mature enough to focus on the greater good—the best thing, the best result for everyone. 

Yes, must never shirk our duty to stand in the face of wrong, to stand up for what is right. But we must be right ourselves to stand on any moral high ground. 

And that takes a great deal of soul-searching, and prayer, and a lot of adults in the room willing to discipline unruly children. 

Let us pray for the repose of the soul of Cannon Hinnant. Let us pray for the conversion of the hearts of mankind that we may all learn to live by the commandment of Our Lord to love our neighbour as ourselves.