Friday, November 27, 2020

Franciscan Minister General Appointed Archabbot

By Jean DuBois

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 27 November 2020 (ORCNS) 

Archabbot Anthony Giunta, TOR Mar. 

Mgr. Abbot Anthony Giunta, TOR Mar., Minister-General of the Franciscan Third Order Regular of the Brothers and Sisters of Penance of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Franciscan order within the Anglican Patriarchate, was appointed by His Holy Eminence the Archfather to the personal rank and dignity of Archabbot in recognition of his countless years of service to the Church and as Minister-General of the Franciscans. His Excellency Archabbot Anthony serves as a hospital chaplain, police chaplain, fire chaplain, and Coast Guard Auxiliary chaplain. An active participant in emergency response efforts, the Archabbot has also been highly involved in serving during the COVID-19 pandemic, both pastorally and in virus test processing. 

The Archabbot was also given the special honour of being named a Canon Priest of the Patriarchal Chapter. The Chapter is the senior section of the Anticamera Nobile of the Patriarchal Household. Its members are prelates (ecclesiastical dignitaries) and serve as the senior-most clerical advisers of the Archfather. 

Coat of Arms of Archabbot Anthony
His personal arms are marshaled with the arms of
the Franciscan order. The ten tassels indicate the rank
of archabbot, and they are in purple instead of black 
as a privilege as a member of the Patriarchal Chapter.


Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Archpatral Statement on U.S. Election 2020


By Jean DuBois 


His Holy Eminence the Archfather has released a statement on the recent United States Presidential election apparent outcome, pending further challenges by Mr. Trump. English and Spanish transcripts are provided below the video. The Archfather's statement reiterated the Christian guidance for voting, especially regarding the right to life. His Holy Eminence also stated that it is difficult to imagine God blessing any country that rejects God. 


The Americans have chosen a president for the next four years. The Christian faithful have been exhorted never to vote for a candidate who does not respect the right to life and who promotes socialism or communism, both of which are opposed to the faith of Christ. Now America will receive the government it deserves. Nevertheless, we Christian faithful throughout the world are above all citizens in the Kingdom of Christ. So, we must in all places oppose all the policies of the civil state contrary to the faith of Christ. It is impossible to think that God blesses a people that does not respect life and does not praise God. Therefore, may God convert the hearts of Europe, of the United States, and of the whole world to our Lord.

Los americanos han elegido un presidente para los próximos cuatro años. Se ha instado a los Cristianos a no votar nunca por un candidato que no respete el derecho a la vida y que promueva o el socialismo o el communismo, ambos opuestos a la Fe de Cristo. Ahora los Estados Unidos encontrará el gobierno que se merece. Sin embargo, nosotros los Cristianos en todo el mundo somos sobre todo ciudadanos en el Reino de Cristo. Por lo tanto, debemos oponernos en todos los lugares a todas las políticas del estado civil contrarias a la Fe de Cristo. Es imposible pensar que Dios bendiga un pueblo que no respeta la vida y no alaba a Dios. Por lo tanto, que Dios haga una conversión de los corazones de Europa, de los Estados Unidos, y del mundo entero a nuestro Señor.